QB Newbie Learn As We Grow


The Pineapple Chunk just before the chop. She’s a pretty girl :blush:

And Cookies Kush

And Grandaddy Purple


Um…um…um…that is a glorious sight! Such beautiful, uniform buds. Spectacular!


All of them are beautiful but man that pineapple is just crazy good looking.


This it was a fun grow. I really enjoyed working with the quantum boards. A few things I would do differently for the next one. I let things get out of hand and I ended up with a lot of buds that didn’t get enough light. I wasn’t expecting such explosive growth with these lights. It happened so fast. I will be flipping the new grow into flower much sooner to allow for stretch. We will see how that goes. Always a learning curve LOL


Congrats on harvest! Definitely very nice looking plants


That pineapple chunk is to die for. I too learned a lot from using the quantum boards and will be better prepared for the next grow. Did not expect the signifigant increase in nute uptake with mine. Great job and happy trimming.


I wish I knew where you got those pineapple chunk seeds.


Barney’s farm is breeder, big international usually keep them and they be bought from domestic outlet before. If you look around they’re not terribly difficult to find.


Well I can tell you who I’m never buying from again. Between setting up bitcoin and manipulating the order to get free stuff and then the time frame to pay. What a total cluster fawk. Now I don’t know if they still got my payment and will fill the original order or if I’ll get my money back and have to start over. FML


That sucks. I had problems with one of the domestic outlets, but I eventually received everything I had coming and some freebies for my troubles. The other one deals only in money order and has been spot on every time through about 6-7 orders.


Yeah. I’ll give it today, but I’m not sure if Seedsman will be seeing any more orders.


Don’t blame you there. Personally I’ve had more issues ordering from here than anywhere else. But they’ve always made it right too, so not complaining.


This has been the only place I’ve ordered until now. We shall see what happens. I wish these companies would just accept Paypal. It’s so much easier.


Never had any issues. I used to buy through them, but they change their payment options too often. It’s harrowing to send cash…so harrowing, but I always got my stuff.

Have started using a different place now b/c payment options are easier.

I wish ilgm sold smaller/less expensive packs. I’d like to try a few ilgm strains, but only really want 1-3 seeds of those strains.


Too much business risk for the small US banks. To accept PayPal money has to flow through a bank to become liquid, which also means record of transactions. Unfortunately, that means any of those assets or anything obtained with those assets could be seized under current law. So I don’t really blame them. One of those things that just because it’s not happening doesn’t mean it won’t.

I placed 4 small orders with SOS before trusting sending a money order of substantial amount. In my experience, the service was just as fast with those as it was with the couple of larger orders I’ve placed. Online tool is fair at showing state of order, and guy is reasonably quick at responding to emails and answering phone.

I would obviously defer to promoting here, but I also understand that choices are limited.


The place I use used to accept PayPal until paypal figured out what it was for. Then decided to freeze the account and eventually just decided to keep all the money. They lost several thousand dollars in it. That’s why no one uses paypal.


Exactly! You can’t ever be too careful.


Iv’e ordered seeds from 3 different places and never had any issues. I use bitcoin and my orders are always processed within days. I like getting the freebies, I’ve sprouted a few and given most of them away.


I had an issue verifying my account which surpassed the 20 minute window to send it. Didn’t realize it and sent the money anyway. So now, the order is cancelled and they have my $71. And of course only auto replies from customer service.


If you go into your email & click the address line, a lot of times you can find the real email address to reply to, instead of the “no reply” email. I love doing that. Gives em a jolt, and they realize they can’t hide behind their computer screens.