Qb Lights for 32x32x63 tent

@dbrn32 can you help me I’m looking at building another light for my smaller tent the qb132 you helped me with on the bigger tent is working great


I am wondering when people post these dimensions are you talking inches feet meters?? No one seems to specify

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Remind me what you did on bigger tent? Seems like a 4 pack of boards on hlg-185 would do. Doing something with 560mm strips may be good option here too

There in inches it’s a standard size tent in the US

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I got 4) QB132 with a 240-1750a driver

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You could probably just replicate that build and dim it a little.

Ya I think I would want to use an external dimmer on this one using a small screw driver is a little bit of a pain with the 1750a driver

Would a HLG-185H-C1400 be ok for qb132 V1 boards oh and what is the difference between the V1 and v2 boards

External dimmer just get driver ending in b and 100k potentiometer.

V1 uses Samsung lm561c and v2 uses Samsung lm301b. The lm301b is a more efficient chip. About 5.8% higher photon efficacy, if I remember correctly.


I just hang my driver outside the tent on the wall it makes for easy access to adjust the screw

Ya i can see how it would be

Thanks looking like I will be building another light. So do you think the HLG-185H-C1400 would work

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I know it would work. I would just consider using the hlg-240 like you did in first grow because you can always dim it to way below 1400ma. The bigger driver is like $15 more, but if you want to expand later you could rebuild the frames to fit larger space. Seems like it would be better idea to just buy bigger driver now.


Ya makes sense

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