QB for 4x4 tent

@dbrn32 this is mostly intended for you! I am looking to possibly rid of my Mars Reflector Series 144 and I think I’d like “non blurple” from HLG Canada. I have a simple 4x4 tent, 72" in height. I have a 4" carbon filter exhaust inside the tent, 3 Honeywell fans on the ground and 3 6" fans on corner posts.

I would prefer a single light for vegging and flowering, dimmable I believe will be of benefit if using for seedlings and early veg, am I correct about dimming?

There are so many options/variables that I would prefer to direct this to someone with significant knowledge. My strengths are definitely not in deciphering this stuff.

Not opposed to a kit which I can put together, but I don’t have nor want an electrical engineering degree at this point in my life.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I like using two of the 260xl kits for a 4x4. They would come with dimming feature, and I would say 3000k, 3500k, or the r-spec for seed to harvest growing.


Thank you very much!

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No problem. There are some pretty detailed assembly videos on YouTube, I would check those out for an idea of what it takes to assemble kits. Someone who is handy with tools can build a kit in less than hour I would say. If you were tool illiterate but can follow directions, I would say you could still assemble a kit in a short afternoon.

Wiring (electrical in general) I can do safely and with confidence but the whole "which driver for x, y and z, and “which board has best par value per blah blah blah” is very foreign to me at this point so I leave it to those who know more.

I see they’re out of stock, so an email will be sent for updates.

Thank you again for the help.

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Growerslights and ledgrowlightdepot are both authorized retailers, you can check with either of them.

If you order a kit they will come with proper board and driver config. If you want to order parts individually or do something custom, I can help make sure you get the correct components too.