QB 132 DIY build. In progress Join in follow along

Ok parts in hand ready to do this. I was going to do 2 frames but since decided against that since I picked up a 2x4 tent for cheap. So I am going to try and just cover that area with one frame.

Small drill
5/32 drill bit
Pliers or wrench for bolts
Wire cutters/strippers

Parts List:
10’ of 1/16 x 1” aluminum angle
4 3/16 x 1/2 Eye bolts
Pack of 10-24 x 1/2” machine screws and nuts go next size smaller cause I have to drill my holes bigger on my board. Not a big deal though.
Pack of Flat washers
4” Cable Ties
Flex Tubing 3/8x10’
3’ Power supply cable
18 gauge solid copper wire
HLG-240H-C1750A Driver
QB 132’s x4
Wago Connecters

So gonna get one going real quick and get started. Hope y’all follow a lot, enjoy and hopefully some may learn and follow. Any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks Jbum


Hell ya man


Set to watching because I will be building some soon!!! Just waiting for everything to arrive…


Sweet, bet it feels like Christmas morning

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Ok sorry for the delay had to help the better half decide on a paint color lol.

I cut two 40” pieces and two 12” inch pieces. I measured 1/2 inch from the the ends and a 1/2 from the edge to get my hole marks. Drilled the holes then marked my 12” piece underneath.
I have not tightened the eye bolts all the way yet as I want to lay out drill and mount my boards first.


That’s going be nice

Well was just kinda of winging it on how I was going to place the boards. But tia will mainly be for two plants at a time so I laid it out like this. Also I use self tappers to put them in place and was going to take them out and use the bolts but they work great and holding very well. So if you wanna go this route you will not need to drill the holes.

Time to wire it tighten up the eye bolts and wire it up!


You may want to send a self-taping screw into the corner to keep the frame square so the frame doesn’t rely on the QB’s to keep it ridged and crack the screw holes
Or not looks like you finished when I was typing

That’s going be a nice light

Once I bolt the eye bolts tight it locked the frame up really good. Thanks I do appreciate your advice.

Ok boards are wired up now I am gonna mount the driver outside the tent and run wire to connect to - and + shown in the pics below. There is a negative coming from board #1 and a positive coming from board #4 and boards two and three are connected in serious as shown below. I numbered the boards to help try and give you a visual. I also forgot to get sticky back tie downs so these clips will help hold the wire for now lol.



Very nice !!

So mounted the driver on the wall outside the tent. And forgot I used my adjustable for the other light but we are hanging with these for now. Lol and I would say definitely bright. I am pleased with end results. I will post up total cost here in a few.


That concludes today’s episode of Jbum’s DYI. Lol

If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to jump in.

Now I now two girls that I’m sure would love spending some time under it!

Thanks Jbum


Looks freaking awesome man! Nice work :sunglasses:

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Thanks @Missiles! And light as a feather!

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It looks it! Where did you hang the driver? I seen it wasn’t on the light itself

Outside the tent on the wall.

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Okay that’s what it looked like :grin: I bet it cuts down on some heat also

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Just seen a couple people mentioned they was intimidated by building one so I thought I would demonstrate how simple it is to do.