Q on Advanced Nutrients

I upgraded the AutoPot valves to the new bigger ones that allow organic grow.

  1. Are all Advanced Nutrients organic? I think not, go for the OIM line. But it is hard to tell right off.

  2. If organic, should I be brave enough to use the more expert line of nutrients? I did FIM, top, supercrop my first grow with success. I have the taller Gorilla tent with extensions coming, 5x5, so I will have room to deal with four plants and big growth.

  3. What is the first things I ought to get and sooner than later? I am overwhelmed by their products right now and what to get.

  4. Are they worth it?

  5. How to I keep pH correct with well water that is high pH and still be organic? I am tired of lugging in bottles of distilled water or buying jugs and jugs of distilled water and right now our stores are locked down to 75 people at a time and long lines so I order online and pick up. They limit gallons of distilled water to three at a time. Heck, I would go through about 6 gallons every three days or more when they are really growing.

I plan to grow in a mix of Coco Loco and vermiculite. Critical Mass photoperiods.

First off i have alot of questions can u fill out a grow ticket … What kinda light? Advanced is not for a new grower unless following a full scheduel in my opinion over priced kinda and these a redicules amount of amendments you can venture down and sink alot money into a learning experience get some good soil get an easy 3 part and take it slow i think advanced full line is a little redundent and not all are 100% nessecarry not sure about the organic part but theres tons of bottles u can think u need that u dont … Im jus saying i was gonna go advanved but i got talked into emerald harvest by my hydro dude and he missed out on alot of money in sales if he sold me on AN so i more is not always better


Hey, this is great info! I will look into the Emerald Harvest.

ILGM Critical Mass photoperiod seeds
Gorilla 5x5 tent set in spare bedroom
Mars Hydro TS3000 LED light
Cloudline S6 inline exhaust
Of course the various sundries of fans to circulate air and probably a bit of humidifying as needed as we are in arid environment. It is pretty basic set up I guess.
FF Coco Loco with vermiculite. I do have FF Happy Frog and FF Ocean but since growing hydro that may be a waste of money.
Well water, with higher pH. I am determined to use our water, that is all we drink afterall. Not treated and we have never had it tested, throwing caution to the wind, I guess.

I do have on hand pH up and down. Simply Growers Sicila, Super Kelp, and Supre Myco Tea

@Hellraiser I believe can tune in on that as well

Id add a solid base nute to what u have on hand and save some money till you make your mistakes. Learn and then make a nute purchzse plunge … U got silica. Kelps awsomd mycos is super nessecarry i wouldnt drop those till u learn more … Nice light. Little small for area if thats your only light … It will work tho … Keep it simple advanced is anything but simple

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I bought gallons of every bottle (8 bottles) emerald harvest and i use hyddo moonshine which is organic super terp enhancer quite exp.65+ $ a litlre i for buying all that hydro dude gave me 2.5 gal cal mag emerald havest for free 250$ bottle free cuz it fell and dented corner no breaks just a free damaged bottle also got EH up and down
Its alot of money if your not sure of how to use it properly if u know what i mean learn on cheap stuff it sux wasting money waste as little as possible in begining i promise u will buy stuff in the future and it will be a moree educated purchase due to experience nott hear say what works down here in fla might not be the best in your climate …u get me? 900$ in nutes without having to buy the cal mag at 250$

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Thank you everyone. I appreciate the input. I used GH Flora Series, CaliMagic, Liquid Kool Bloom, and Simply Silica on my first two grows in the AutoPots and FF Big Bloom, Simply Silica, Super Kelp, and Supre Myco Tea (they all get this as seedlings in starter pots).

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Then by all means if u made ur rooky mistakes do what u feel u need to step it up i didnt know u went down the gh road already sorry bud

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Hey @KikiGee

#1 not all AN is organic.

#2 your choice, how much knowledge and garden time do you have? Also $$$x

#3 All you need is the iguana juice.
Also if your going to run in coco loco your going to regret that in autopots and here is why:
Autopots don’t work well with reading runoff, it’s a hydro based system so all plants get the same feed. Yet coco loco is basically soil as per manufacturer, it’s coco ethats loaded with nutrients and PH based like soil. So each plant is going to deplete that nutrient dense medium at a different rate which means you need to feed each plant a different diet. If you run regular coco you feed the same amount to all plants and they use it as they see fit.

Worry about boosters and such later all you need is regular pre washed buffered coco, perlite or vermiculite (@Not2SureYet has proven vermiculite works but I’m in the fence because it holds water and autopots are a flood system so the faster it soaks and drys the better in theory vs staying saturated) and base nutrients.
Potassium silica and a bacteria product like tribus or vodoo juice would help alot but you don’t NEED it.

#4 are they worth it… Great question but hard to answer, economy I think no cost per gram doesn’t make sence in my opinion.
You can grow great bud with some silica and the GH trip or with Jack’s 321 or chemgro 4-20-39 for sooooo much cheaper. That’s your personal choice though. I would love to debate organics but maybe that’s for another thread.

#5 what’s the tds of your tap water? Why arnt you using it? If your sold on organics I can tag some organic people in here but I think most still use regular PH up and ph Down last I checked.


I use Advanced Nutrients for DWC Hydro, SWC Octopots, and Air Pot/Coco Loco.

I never have to worry about PH :+1:t2:

You can get an inline 4 stage filter for your well water. Hooks up to your faucet. Also, check out aquarium stores. A lot of them sell RO water cheap :v:t2:

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You can keep it simple

Expand to include non OIM

I went the expanded route. OIM line is not part of PH perfect but easy enough to manage

Of course there are a few others for bloom phase.


I did read there is alot of organic but not all

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You guys are incredible help. I am going to pour over all the responses even more when the coffee hits good.

Money is not an obstactle, however, I am not keen on throwing it away either. With the GH I have been able to grow some really nice, fat, smooth smoking buds. I actually had to reorder all the bottles about a month ago and have them. The bottles lasted two grows other than CaliMagic and the Supreme Growers Silica (silica is like the magic bullet for them).

Per the light: yes, I am stretching that a bit. I am only going to grow four plants this time, yeah right… but I do have the first light I got, a UFO light I could add. Or I may can add a smaller Mars Hydro to link to it. But when I was ‘gifted’ with the new tent I told him I didn’t think I had to upgrade and could use everything I have, I found out right off the 4" inline fan the tent came with was only 170 CFMs and not enough so right off I had to but the new inline fan. I am sure he wouldn’t mind me buying another light but I want to kind of put that off for the next grow if I can.

I appreciate the information on the Coco Loco. I have a big bag of Ocean and bag of Happy Frog. I can put the Coco Loco in the garden boxes next year. Maybe when I transplant some of my asparagus crowns, they will need a looser substrate for awhile and I will just mix it in there. I appreciate that information. Should I just use the Happy Frog?

I am not sure why I stuck with distilled water. Maybe worrying the valves would clog up with the well water? I did use a Zero water filter early on and it was so slow went with distilled. We are looking to get an under sink filter now. The TDS of our water is 268 and the pH is 7.58. I like to keep pH around 5.86 to 6 on my reservoir. Probably because I read it somewhere.

It seems like each grow I do is a steep learning curve with something new. This grow was managing autoflowers. First grow was just growing and managing plants that outgrew the tent. I have known for some while that I need to really dial in nutrients and learn about them and be a bit more knowledgable and this grow seems to be that lesson plan. CO2 is next and that is pretty daunting but I am not going to worry so much about it at this time. The nutrient thing though has been on my mind for some time. And really, I do like to keep things simple. I have not had any nutrient issues, I learned to spot calcium/mag deficiency pretty quick early on. And that has been the only issue to ever show up. By dumb luck I have managed to keep them all looking great and not overwatering or over applying nutes. I did use full CaliMagic this grow rather than half or quarter with the other nutes as these plants I am finishing up really demanded it. That has been about as challenging as it has gone. But I am at the point that if I am going to invest money and time in this, I want to make sure I am doing the best I can, not necessarily meaning spending money but good quality products and that may not be the fancy label ones, and getting a nice product. I am super picky about gifting my bud to friends unless it meets my high standards. I have several half gallon jars of Wedding Cake that was harvested too early from first grow (still no a bad smoke) my bad for listening to someone when my gut said no, but I won’t even hardly give that away as it is not up to my expectations and not sure what I will do with it at this point. I am looking at rosin presses and may just use it in my topicals. (BTW, I do not sell anything I grow.)

Time: THAT is what I have a lot of! This autoflower grow has been disappointing in that it needs so little of my attention. It has been downright boring. The only things in my life going on is still training for insane ultra trail races and weight training to support that. While I am loving my retirement I need something to keep my busy and I can happily lose hours of time in my grow room. The mushroom grow I have going on is pretty much like watching paint dry. Not much to do with it. So time I can spare in loads. Money is not endless but enough to get what I need for a good grow. Which I reason, and this is the reason I won’t ever grow autos inside again, maybe outside, it costs the same in electricity with the light, fans, etc., and it seems to be taking every bit as long to harvest as I watch an 8-10 week auto finisher on week 14 just simmering along not yet ready, I might as well grow photos and get the most yield out I can and still retain some quality bud.

If I was honest with myself and you guys, I have this dream of having a small boutique production grow of top quality bud that I can eventually market. Now that is most likely way off, but it seems the political climate in New Mexico to recreational is leaning more and more positive now.

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No, only the OIM line and the others got ya covered it seems.

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I think we all have that dream in the back of our head but i did the baskin robins thing …13 moms never even got to cloning and flowering all of em u need a big grow facility to have a plethora of flavors in abundence i still like day dreaming tho


I do Organic and I always p.h. my water.Very important. And my soul recipe is simple,relatively cheap, and labor is at a minimum, you fertilize 4 weeks into veg.then again at first sign of flowers. Then maybe once more.Flushing is optional.Simple and easy.

Multi bottles are simple if u dont try to make up your own scheduel… Im in organic as well but i found out 1 or more of my emerald harvest 3 part line is not organic. It comes with a bacsilius and mycrozae recharge every couple weeks …seems kinda under acheiving … Is somethings killing micro colony … And when it calls for for root wizard (the micro colony recharge) wouldnt u use it more then 2 a whole grow? I use mine at 1/4 strength every feed i dunno if im helping but its jot hurting and it dosent call for the recharge by its self one of those paradoxes that you just can’t figure out if something’s killing something and it calls for it every watering why would you use something to recharge the root life if something’s Killing It Anyway at the same time so I do a little bit every time and have no ill effects but it’s still seems redundant to me

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I use the entire line grow bloom micro Emerald goddess King Cola honeycomb route wizard Cal Mag sturdy stock ph up and down from the same product
I’m still not exactly sure which product isn’t organic but something is killing the micro Colony for sure for there to be a recharge product that calls for up to 15 ml per gallon when the maximum Bloom is only 8 to 9 ml per gallon and the most of anything besides the recharge is King Cola which is at 12 ml per gallon

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To say I am overwhelmed at the moment is an understatement. I guess I was lazy using the GH Flora Series by just following the schedule and tweaking in that I would not always use full nutes on photos and half and quarter on the autos.

I didn’t realize kelp and fish were not organic. I am reading about Emerald Harvest and Fox Farm. I am not lazy, but in the middle of harvesting and that is taking more time that I realized to trim. But the idea of buying a set of Emerald Harvest seems pretty straightforward at the moment.

I wish I could put forth an intelligent question/answer etc. and maybe I am making this harder than it is, at least in thought. I truly appreciate all the input here. I feel like I am way above my pay grade. Lol

On growing and selling boutique, everyone’s dream, right? Our son worked as a budtender in Washington some years ago and said people would come into the dispensary and sell their home grown to them if it was good. I had no idea that was an option. And is it still? Is that a common practice in recreational legal states? But that is a whole other line and I am lightyears away from that.

Just tired of our son riding my ass for non-organic grow. And I am like, yeah but you have had no issues taking all the weed I provide for you. :roll_eyes:

@beardless I am so tempted to buy that line up and may. I kept photo of the list you use.

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I have bought almost a whole new gallon of each and dove strait in with original purchase allll gallons and 2.5 cal mag… So 2 gals of each by the way… The cameras for Emerald Harvest used to be one of the main chemist for advanced nutrients so he’s simplified Advanced Nutrients into a smaller system is what my hydro guy explain to me

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