Puzzled with this one

Does anyone know what deficiencies these can possibly be? I’m guessing Potassium in the first pic since it is flowering but stomped on the other one which is in veg.

Rusty spots is a calcium deficiency.

It’s pretty normal to lose some leaves outdoor when the flowering process begins.


I read up and actually found that calcium to be the answer as well so thanks. Would you say that the potassium deficiency accurate as well?

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What sre you feeding? It would hurt to give her some k. I use Langbeinite for k because it also adds sulfur, for terpenes and magnesium.

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Use some CalMag+ should resolve your issues.

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I just have compost then another imported flowering water soluble nutrient It’s low in N but high in K and other Phosphorus.

I live in the Caribbean and I’m not sure we have those products have to go in depth to find possibly. They may have another brand or something. @GreenFlex

And I haven’t been feeding as often to be honest I had it in compost and until recently I’m now seeing these yellow/pale white leaves in flowering

There are other option’s…crush up egg shells that will give you calcium…as far as magnesium goes you can use Epsom salt …I know that you can amend your soil with those two and it will give you calcium and magnesium.


Will attempt these. Should I then remove the yellowing leaves? how long before it should take effect?

other option is agricultural lime…probably see faster results with this if you can find it. I would say the removal of the leaves is up to you…I personally take dead or about dead leaves off of the plant but that’s just me. That way the plant doesn’t waste energy trying to repair it.

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Here’s a recipe for making homemade cal/mag

Compost works excellent for groing marijuana. They will grow big. I don’t think feeding is the issue. Big plants in my experience always has yellowing leaves as the plant heads into flower or in early flower. Just trim them off and let her continue growing. The plant is shifting gear to flower. The bottom leaves are the first that go.


Then leached with vinegar or that’ll take 6-8 mos to break down


Leave the leaves on
Calcium is a mobile deficiency so it would just hop to another health leaf.


Too late for gypsum to break down leaving you with

  • Dolomite lime 1-2 tbsp/gal for soil drench
  • Oyster flower 1/4 cup per cubic ft top dress, then watered in or can leach and make up solution.
  • Leeched Egg for foliar

What’s wrong with my babies?? I’m confused… these are 3 different plants and I’m clueless… Please help… Anyone…

Sometimes that happens to my leaves after getting sweat dripped on them.