Puzzled on which light is better


Thank you Alpo0721


I have no complaints with the viparspectra. I have switched to a QB but I’m definitely not throwing out the vipar. It got my lady to this point then I swapped to the QB.


u r gonna see the difference with great lighting.!!

i have never used Vipar LED, but…
taking in consideration the spectrum and efficiency,
HLG QB is roughly twice as good as Viparspectra.!
400-1000w HPS is probably 50% better…???

light is the food for your plants, better light means better growth and better flowers.


Nice looking


You are correct at double the output at 136w. Both running at 136w the ppfd for both lights at center is roughly 500 @18”. But as you start venturing outwards, the ppfd for the vipar 12” from center is about 100 less than the QB and at 24” from center the vipar drops off with QB at about 215 where the vipar is at about 80.

The vipar was also less than 1/2 the price of the QB.


that is the price u pay for mediocre instead of great.!
great lighting sucks to purchase/run, but worth every dollar if u want great bud.!!



I use Viparspectra and have had good results, I recommend the par series , with led sometimes an extra light is needed to get a good footprint . I have two lights in my 4x4 and there growing like crazy . They work great for me , Viparspectra is very decent but electric sky 300 is the best !!


It’s working little by little. using a combo of cfl and Fiet grow light until I can get the bigger ones


I’m curious as to what specifically makes you say that, or what lights you are comparing to? I feel it’s a good light, but I couldn’t find any categories it was better than every other light available.


About 5x the amount I have to play with. You guys had good ideas BUT, you didn’t listen when I explained my situation. I HAVE to work on a shoestring budget.


Hps is as good or better than inexpensive led. A “good” led fixture is better than hps fixture.


@dbrn32. To me it’s the best because it’s basically a stretched out quantum board which has all the color spectrums covered from 2700k - 6500k by alternating the leds , the leds look like the Samsung v2 board leds . And it has a lens which focuses the light of the quantum board for way better light efficiency. It’s basically just a well built quantum board with a nice case and the driver built in to the case. But honestly you could easily build a stronger quantum board way cheaper


That’s fair. Unfortunately they’re 20% less efficient than quantum boards.

The lens actually blocks light in order to give higher intensity reading directly below. So its technically less efficient if measuring power in against light out.

I’m not sure what led they’re using, but the listed photon efficacy seems too low to be lm301b or equivalent. I guess my thoughts are for the price you don’t even have to build a light to be more competitive. Based on two fixtures for 4x4 at $1400. That’s same price as latest fluence fixtures that provide pretty much same light spectrum. The fluence fixtures run 2.7 umol/joule vs the electric sky 300 2.0 umol/joule. 35% more efficient for basically the same price on a fluence fixture.

The one thing they have going for them is a commercial light specifically designed for 2x4. The industry seems to be lacking there.


These are the plants today. the one looked like it was doing fine but not today.


The leaves drooping or curling? Watering issue or PH? Maybe atmospheric?


To much water or to little water.


@dbrn32 - Do you know anything about the Illumitex Neo Sol’s? I think they have a rectangular footprint but at $1,500, I am not sure… just curious… :metal::sunglasses:


It does, awfully expensive for 1.6 umol/joule. Their flagship light is the neo par, much more competitive with latest and greatest from other manufacturers at 2.7 umol/joule


The price is really high… not sure why. I don’t see anything “wow” that would suffice 1.5k .

Thanks :+1:t2: