Puzzled by an early flowering Photo

This is the one you referred to as “cal queen”? Reason I’m asking is because I’m not familiar with seed shop ever stocking this strain. If this is indeed something from ILGM, the best thing to do is message them through the seed shop “contact us” button. There is a team of customer service reps there that should be able to help you. Just give them as much info as possible.


Definitely will! I’m very very sorry to see this, this should not happen at all. :slightly_frowning_face:
Please do get in contact with our support team, they will make it right for you. :heart:


No they are White Widow Photo, I just ordered 20 White Widow Auto. Everything growing is WW photo. That was supposed to read the one I call Queen that turned out to be a King.

I have read and heard that you can take a bag and shake the male plant in it. Then you can put the bag over one flower and pollinate one flower on a female. This was something we did back in the early 70’s to get seeds from a good strain without fertilizing the entire plant. I have never tried this but am considering trying as I have a White Widow male plant I just removed from my grow room. Is anybody familiar with this process and do you think I should try it? This was back when everybody was trying to grow Sinsemilla and the process wasn’t anything more that trying to remove all the male plants from you grow.

I don’t know what type seed you would end up with. I’m sure they wouldn’t be feminized and I don’t like the idea or experience with male plants in your grow room. So I’m not even going to try this, the male is dead and part of the compost pile now. Thanks everybody for the help with the vast experience that is on this board.

Well ILGM hit’s another home run, I just got a shipment of 5 WW auto’s for the trouble with the male WW. I don’t see any reason to get seeds from anybody else, ILGM is my go to for seeds. Way to go ILGM!

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I have only had one issue, and they did not receive the cash I sent! Spooked me a lil, so I am leery of sending cash again. ILGM is a stand up company I can attest to that! And I love their Kush Strains :wink:

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