Putting up a scrog net: Do you top before bending?

A Question from a fellow grower:

one question I have for you tho is I plan to put up the scrog net and bend the plants over, now before you start bending them do you also top them before this?

This is actually a personal preference. Some people ScrOG without topping and some top and FIM and everything else.

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MacGyverStoner, I have a question on scrogging. When I look at the info on different seeds I see a number for possible yield, say 500 grams/11 square feet. 11 square feet is equal to an area of 3.32’ X 3.32’ (1 square meter approximately). I grow at the present time in an area that has good lighting and deep penetration on an area of 3’ X 6’. This is under 2 300 watt LED grow lights that do a good job and produced a great yield during the last grow of 12 plants. My question is would my yield be greater if I cut back to 3 plants in a SCRog grow and train them to fill up this area or continue with 12 plants and SCRog them? I have no idea as to which would be best. I hope you have some suggestions. Thanks for any help you may be able to give me. Keep up thge good work and keep it green.

There is a reason the yield is per square meter and not per plant. It doesn’t really matter which setup you use, 12 or 3, either will yield well depending on how healthy and vigorous they a kept during their growing and flowering cycles. About the only ting I can say is less plants would be less work usually. Maybe by being able to devote more time per plant might help your yields. Also keep in mind the other common yield estimate, 1 gram per watt of light. And so, even with a really good LED, this is taking into account the actual watts the light uses, not any other “theoretical watt” or “equivalent watt” unreal watt number, this actual watt number is best determined by the actual watts the light consumes in electricity by itself.

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