Putting these 12 girls in the ground tonight(Guerilla grow)

Hi fellow cultivators, I live in northern New England and it’s that time of the year where the nights are warm enough for plants and these girls are more than ready for the transplant out into the earth, so tonight is the night! I have to do it in the middle of the night around 3-5 am due to the location of this site so I have a long night ahead, but I am really excited for this years outdoor crop and this site especially as these 12 plants have grown extremely well and are very vigorous. The strain is Skywalker Kush, I had 100% germination rate and they are now 6 weeks and 1 day old and are all about 10-12 inches tall. Some of the leaves have already grown 11 leaflets which I feel is pretty impressive for young plants. Here are some pics of the girls before they go out tonight in just a couple hours and I will add pictures of them after they are in the ground!:grin:


Some additional pictures of the 11 Leaflets and the nice bushiness and branches:


Good luck and be careful out there. :+1:


Thanks man, appreciate it and I will try my best!:crossed_fingers:t3:

Got all 12 in the ground, took a little longer than I would’ve liked and had to leave during the early morning light but no one saw me and everything went good.:grin: image|375x500


Made a new post under the grow journal tag with a more in depth description of the site and plants. Also there’s pictures of them from this morning in the bright sunlight at 6:30 am! Feel free to tag along for the adventure :sweat_smile:

Here is the link


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Just curious as just starting out myself. Did these go from tent straight to outdoors? No need to harden them off?

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@Bow4Buck Yes, they went straight from indoor to outdoor. And I have tents but these 12 plants were started in a grow box that me and my dad built but it’s essentially the same as a grow tent. And also if you want I can tag you in the new post I made that I started. I’ve made it into a grow journal.