Putting tent in Michigan basement?

So I currently have my tent (4x4) in my 2nd floor bedroom and it can hit almost 90 in there and it’s pretty cramped but I have concerns for moving it to the basement there is a few leaks in the basement it don’t flood or anything there is just water puddles for a few days. Guess I’m just worried about mold. Will have plenty of air circulation in the tent. Just wondering if anyone has a tent in their basement. Haven’t gotten any RH or temps yet

I grow in my basement, in a tent. It’s an old house, but there is never any standing water. I have a big dehumidifier plugged in and it keeps my rh between 45%-50%.

Humidity is a big issue in basement grows.

I also grow in my basement just South of you in Ohio and from time to time I have had water from extended excessive rains where over the last 15 years there have had 2-3 times of up to an inch of water across entire floor.
This spring have had a couple puddles in one of my tent rooms for a day or two but I also built a platform for the tent so that it’s up off the floor about 4” just in case. My 4x8 tent just barely fits height wise in the one room with finished ceiling once on the platform.
So far I’ve had no mold issues with my grows. I also run a dehumidifier in one of the rooms where I am flowering. The temps during lights on in both tents are between 80-83f Rh 40-45 in summer.
Upstairs temps with central air is around 72 and Rh 50-55.

Winter in basement I had to add heat to the tent (small heater) or crank up furnace but looking back not sure was needed.

I vent both tents in line 8” fans ducts along the rafter runs into a third room and leave the door open to upstairs in summer…hot air rises and cold air falls…keeping temps in basement usually 10 degrees cooler than first floor.

Here is a look at my platform I built for the tents to keep them off the concrete just in case

Hope this helps


I would go for it a lot of people grow in the basement. Good luck with your grow.


I do it works great I now have 2 rooms built in my basement.


Alright cool ill have to go down and measure the ceilings and see if she fits!


Nice hope it fits for u. Much easier to control the environment.

Put down a pallet and a piece of plywood on top of that


Most don’t really understand a true Michigan basement. It’s dirt, musty and can hold mold pretty easily. I would say a tent will work if you could get return air from somewhere other than the basement to the tent. I would worry about the mold mostly perhaps even stay very vigilant on preventative measures.

Well mine isnt to terrible. But yeah mold is a concern of mine. Ive had my spare soil sitting down there and it started to grow white mold in it but people on here said it was good mold?