Putting green house tarp over plants

High everybody, , in West Ky it rains like hell this time of year, I’m watching it raining as I’m typing this it’s Sept. 23, 2018. I can actually tarp my plants I have four so as to just get the misdemeanor charge. There tarped now but with a clear greenhouse tarp there’s plenty of air flow, My Question, if I keep them tarped for a couple days will they get enough light through the tarp.


Yes the greenhouse tarp is designed to let the light they need in. Shouldnt be a problem

Thanx @ Sirsmokes I thought that it would be good but just wanted a second opinion

No problem. When typing someones name to tag them dont put a space between the @ and their name and they will be notified

Ok Thanx, I’m pretty green with the forum

No biggie anytime