Putting cuttings in greenhouse

Hi, I have cuttings I’m moving into outdoor greenhouse. Cuttings have been under 24 hour LED tube lights. My greenhouse basically uses just the sunlight although I have for LED tube lights in the greenhouse. My question is how to prevent the cuttings from going into flowering when they are not getting 24 hours of light anymore? I plan on supplementing the sunshine by using the LED light on a timer. I am wondering if I set it up so with a combination of the LED light And the sunshine giving them 18 hours or so of light will I need to worry that these cuttings will start flowering. My goal is to keep them in veg For a couple months then turn the LED light off and let the sun cycle began flowering and finish my grow. Sorry for the long message yes I am sort of a beginner this is my third crop in the greenhouse. I just need to understand how to avoid these cuttings going directly into flower when they will not be getting 24 hours of light anymore. If I have to leave the LED on to simulate 24 hours of light I will but I would preferred not to because it lights my Canyon up like a spaceship :slight_smile: again sorry for the long message I hope I haven’t broken any rules with this post thank you very much Roger

Hi @rcknrog11 they only need to get more than 12 hours of light. You need to check locally to see if they will get enough light. For now you can put them on 18/6

Some folks veg them indoors and then put them out for flowering.

Thanks Bob, the light in my little outdoor house is not a grow light. Just a 4 led bulb fixture. Thinking I may have it come on dusk to dawn then cut it off when plants are a suitable size to being flowering.

I checked last night and don’t think it will annoy neighbors.

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Hi. If you have cuttings under 24 hours light and you put them in a nature light of 13/11 or 14/10 probably cutting will go in flower. It depends on strain of plants but the risk is high. It happened to me on my cuttings and seedlings under cfl 250watt in a 18/6 light period. When I putted them outdoor 13/11 day light all them go in flower :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:.
I don’t know your strain and if with a 24/0 something can change but I advise you slowly give your plants less light gradually from 24/0 to 20/4 and 18/6 etcc… till normal daylight . Especially if you have monster crop clones.
This is my opinion.
Good luck