Putting a joint in the micro


So out of curiosity I trimmed a small pre mature bud off my girl … I put it in the toaster oven for about an hour or so . ( 150 degrees ) and on Bake , of coarse !!! … Rolled it and tried lighting it … Wouldnt take , so I had the bright idea of just nuking the joint for a few seconds … I placed it on the rotating table and hit 33 seconds … It went round and round about 2 times and I thought I saw a spark … Hmmmmm , I thought … That paper doesnt have a roach clip in it , maybe I was imagining it , Next time around , it sparked again , hmmmmm , that was pretty neat !! I thought I was going to be able to take it out and start puffing on it … All of a sudden it went around again and it sounded like it was hit with 277 volts of electricity !!! The joint made a huge flash and a God awful electric sound … Needless to say, I hit the door button before the micro blew up with my joint in it !!! I pulled it out and the joint was a bit wet … Back into the toaster oven this time … Anyone else had a joint make your micro freak out ???


No, that’s never happened to me. That’s very interesting. Throw that weed in oven on about 200 degrees and about 15xx20min later you should be able to smoke it


I assume your not using rolling papers with wire? That would do it.


I use to put blunts in the micro. I think if its licked and wet the paper will ignite. Had a few come out crispy.


Nope , no wire in it , I ended up putting it back in the toaster oven … Was AWESOME !!! If its this nice , I cant wait till it matures , Yep


That was due to the fact of it being wet and still having nutrients in the plant material… its normal in your situation…
Smoke some of that same bud after 2 months of drying and curing (not your experiment bud) and see how strong and tasty it is… :wink:



Pocket of moisture in the bud pop? One of the posts said something about weed sparking from trace minerals on heavyfeeding I figured they were smoking the good stuff maybe not.


Nope , no pockets … The only thing that sparked was the end I tried lighting,lmao … @peachfuzz I thought maybe there was trace elements of metal chemicals the plant sucked up when growing so i checked to see what was used in the grow … Couldnt find anything … I did see an ad that offered to " check and have analyzed, a reputable environmental lab that can do the testing for you “” , FEDS !!! lmao … Yep


Lmao… you will be fine… dry and cure it and that won’t happen… lol :wink:
It was because it was wet… :wink: