Putting a divider in my tent

Ok I believe I took some no so good advice already lol. Have not received equipment yet but I have the HLG 320 coming and the advice was to get the bigger tent for future use. (4x8x80 be here tomorrow) But after more overloading the brain research it seems that’s way to big! My question is can I just simply apply a reflective divider and be good to go? 3 plants is what I’ll be growing. I’m a handy guy so this seems like I just need to close in my grow area a bit to get the most out of my light correct? Now to figure out my medium and nutrients lol.

Thanks in advance!


Having a bigger tent is never a problem.
Sure, you can divide it. Pandafilm, rigid Mylar faced insulation, or just something painted white, they’ll all work.


Welcome to the forum! Which 320 kit did you get, the xl or xw?

Drinkslinger recommended some awesome products for your purpose.


Welcome to the forum, :+1:t4:

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Welcome to the forum
3 plants can get pretty big in a nice big tent like yours. Just depends on how big you want them and what style or type of growing method you want to use.
I use pro mix soil and fox farm nutrients and i add manure and blood and bone meal in my soil mix with azomite and myconize fungi on the roots when I transplant. I have started using a organic amino acid, Humic acid and fulvic acid and have cut my bottle nutrients at half strength and getting great results. I did ebb and flow for hydro for a while but I think the DWC hydro setup is better and the roots are massive insane.
I use oasis cubes for clones and a high humidity dome till i see roots come out.
Seeds i use clear solo cup put inside a red cup so i can watch root growth in a high humidity dome till i see first set of jagged leaves usually. There’s so much information about this i learn more every day on here but this is what is working for me. Hope this helps you and ask alot of questions there’s a amazing amount of knowledge on here good luck with your tent and grow.

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The XL.

Thank you everyone for the insight. And yes I will be asking lots of questions lol.

I have some nice buffalo compost I use in my veggie garden outside would that mixed with soil make for good medium?

Thanks Jbum

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If soil is the route you want to go, @garrigan62 has a recipe for super soil. I prefer coco coir, the plants grow faster and is you over load with nutes it’s easier to correct

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I have a Good Tall and Not air conditioned place over the Garage… Is a tent an Option for Me as far as the Smell Factor is Concerned?? … We’re Cool, but the Grandkids come around and are Unknowing as We want them to Stay

Garage attics get pretty hot! Do you have plans to cool it?


So as long as I am reflecting on the canopy and lower that should be good to go? Just want to make sure I am utilizing all the light I can!

That light should do pretty good in 4x2.5’ space.

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You think for both veg and flower?

Plants don’t require as much intensity on longer light schedule, so if you ran light a little higher you could probably veg a little larger space

Ok great! Thinking about trying the Scrog so I would probably build one at about 4x3.

You would be pushing flowering capabilities there

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I Have a light and some timers and a small Window Unit/AC … Have to Work on the water supply to that area, However … I wouldn’t have a Clue where to Stàrt, but I Could build a plywood walled room up there

Im Concerned about growing outdoors Because of the helicopters that come over that “they say” can detect pot plants, but Realistically Can I Even Have a SetUp in the House (Growing) that WON’T Have a Noticeable Smell?? … I kinda Find that Hard to Believe

Using a tent and a good carbon filter for your exhaust will eliminate all smells… until you unzip the tent. But it does dissipate quickly.

What Can I get by with… Will constructing a Room with walls Help to Make a better Room…

I Really don’t wanna Go through learning from my Own mistakes… Maybe I could get advice on what to get, or find a Whole setup that Somebody wants to Sell??