Put on the DARKSIDE OF THE MOON" Cause this is the LSD grow!

I forget which game, but I wanna say it was an Assassin’s Creed one that’s free to download right now because of the developer donating to Notre Dame for the fire.

Here it is: https://tinyurl.com/y6tyowe7


Dang only on PC. But that’s really cool of them. And they donated 500k towards rebuilding the church.


What strain of LSD are you growing, as I just harvested lsd25 and it was a massive plant.

I don’t know about what other’s think but your grow space of 32x32 is quite small. You didn’t give us the height of the tent but I am a bit awed by the fact that you have a 6in flow vent fan with that high of a CFM. You are going to create a vacuum in that tent with that sort of power, especially if it is a short tent.

Look forward to watching. Wishing you luck.

I have vents in the bottom for fresh air. Takes the need for fans blowing stale air around. It might be a bit big, but 4in couldnt do it for a 72in tent. Less fans less electricity, or so I hope :wink::dash::heart::+1:

I have a 4’x4’x82" and a 4 inch exhaust fan and with the tent flaps closed as you will need to do in flower, my tent gets concaved to the max. I think you might find it difficult to keep the humidity if you run that during veg. Just be aware of that. Your air will be quickly exchanged using that fan. That is the only point. The reason for the fans is to strengthen the stems by putting a light stress of movement. The stalks stiffen up that way so it can support the flowers.

I dont need a fan blowing on the stems to strengthen for buds, it deff helps but necessary. Thanks for heads up.

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And why do flaps need to be closed for flower?

Ilgm LSD

It don’t if you are doing an auto so if that is the case you don’t. If you are doing a photo you will need to.

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Ok but why?

@Cheftodd420 because the photo plants will require 12 hours of complete darkness to really flower. Otherwise you could end up with seedy weed. It can affect your harvest. You can ask others but that’s what I have learned so far.

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Never done auto and never had an issue, if you have light pollution around your tent, I guess u would I dont so no need. Then how would u introduce fresh air into tent if not using vents.

Also with a smaller tent, not like yours were there is abundance of space not being used a smaller fan works great but when mine gets bigger plants in her the air flow is extreamly compromised and that makes temp and humidity get to high. But hey what do I know.

During veg it is okay to leave the flaps open. But when you go dark those flaps will have to close. There are alternatives such as putting a vent hose extend out of the tent far enough to stop light penetration. A extra piece of your vent hose through an unused opening in your tent will work. The vent exhaust fan will suck air through the smallest of holes. It might work harder while the flaps are closed but the tent is hardly air tight. It will suck air through the Velcro covers and through the draw string openings even if they are closed. It cannot possibly seal it air tight.

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My vents are under my plants and I have no lights to pollute the darkness, I think your taking this to it’s most literal points.
Why add another fan that cost more to run. I guess it works for ur grow great. I havent needed to do so for mine.

Anyone else have a option I think we got a good back and forth going. I think other opinions could keep it going.

I have seen them like that before and I think she should be ok. Just eager lol if the seed doesn’t come off soon you may need to help her since she already out of the soil.

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Dang pic wont work on my side trying again


It looks like she is kicking it off herself :grin: you might want to support her up until you replant her :wink: