Pushing plants to hard?

How do you guys judge when your pushing your plants to hard in hydrponic setup? First signs to look for?

What exactly do u mean by this. Are u having issues with your plant. If so post some pictures of the plant and we would be glad to try and help out. Asking the question that way opens up for alot of topics. Welcome by the way.

Not having any troubles but want to push my plants to the edge without stressing them. I’m growing autos in coco with Advanced Nutrients sensi a&b and big bud. I’m at 650 ppm’s and all seems to be well. I’ve got two plants that have dark green shiny leafs but no tip burn and no other sign of nitrogen toxicity. I know I will catch hell for the low ppm’s but my experience with autos they are finicky. Just seeing what everyones advice is.

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@Nicky @Not2SureYet u guys r the auto guys what can he try to push to. Not2sure grows autos in coco all the time and get a ton of weight off each 1.


I push them, my scedule is pretty aggressive but it all depends on the nutrients and I don’t use AN nor does @Not2SureYet, he uses their boosters like big bud and bud candy sometimes.

If your unsure grow two of the same and push one hard beside th e one you light feed. See if there is a noticeable difference in your environment.


I use GH flora trio. If I was feeding full strength with big bud. I would be in your range. Maybe a touch higher. I also run cal mag and silica. That gets me in the 800 range. I can push harder in late veg through flower. If you want to try a little more. I would start at about 1.25ml per gallon and look for tip burn. If you don’t see it. You should be good. If you do see it. I would go back to where you are. All my autos would rather be under fed as to over fed. You have a nice grow going there :slightly_smiling_face: