Purpose Built shed 2017


Only a few years older than that pic so more grey hairs and less free time to simply drive to a lake and hang for day with the dogs and misses :wink: So yes my avatar was fitting


If I worked as hard as you I’d probably be skinny too haha


lol,i was thinking the same…


I tried for years to gain weight only way it happened was 4 days a week in gym and 5 meals a day and couldn’t retain it so I gave up and glad I did I don’t have to carry extra weight around all day which is tiring on it’s own. For all the jokes I hear about my weight I work just as hard as the guys who have 50lb’s on me and can keep a pace that has them sucking wind in few hours all day :wink: My co-worker and boss say I sound like an air-nailer when laying sheets or hand nailing shingles lmao my theory is what I lack for speed or strength I should make up for with stamina and technique


today have to seal up addition house wrap than get on ceiling joists so I can wire then insulate tomorrow assuming I get to that have BBQ this weekend some time I am supposed to attend? aswell as another 6-7 wheel barrows of concrete to mix and pour to finish foundation off so I can back-fill remaining by next weekend. Pressure is on now neg temps in forecast for next week would be nice to have new addition to lock-up before that so can work in warm space


@Donaldj, hard at work :smile: :+1:


some days feel like that lmao
Got concrete done and addition sealed up over half the ceiling joists in won’t take long to put last 4 in so should be onto wiring tomorrow


You’re kicking butt!


got ceiling in and all boxes mounted aswell as some wired in will only take me couple of hours to finish up so figured i would do some plant care today. More like I cut them back to more manageable


Solid, you’re gonna best the snow!



Well the time has come will be lowering last section of house onto new foundation today concrete should be at around 60% of it’s potential strength which is acceptable to lower the remaining light addition onto it. It will continue to cure even with house and dirt on it :wink: and the cold weather this week has proven how fast winter will be on my back. New addition is framed sealed wired and insulated just waiting on house to be lowered to final position so I can move door and add heat. If all goes well I should be done by this afternoon leaving me only with a few small details to wrap up? This requires a good start to the day a shot of Irish Cream and a strong coffee to get me motivated warmer this morning than last 2 days which were below freezing making new records for this time of year :slight_smile: also hinting as to a brutal winter ahead for me this year and how soon it is going to hit. Lmao people talk about global warming oddly in some places all it means is colder weather in the future