Purpose Built shed 2017


Good to hear from you! Busy as ever, it sounds lol :v:


Good to see you back around Donald! You’ve been a busy bee this summer! Haha. Glad to hear you’re almost done with the addition :wink::v:


framed sheathed mostly and ready for a roof today so I made good progress the rest will all be indoors running wires heat ducts insulating so less weather dependent. have to sheath gables today then torch on roof after that a few loads of concrete maybe some house wrap but all the hard crap is done. Everything left is couple of hours at end of work day


Hello and Welcome Back…Summer is tough, lots of extra activities…fun and games for some, others rebuild a house along with working their day job…one of these days you and the misses will enjoy a cold beer, a joint and a sunset on the porch…

one of these days soon!


lol 2 days in a row now have poured 5 wheel barrows of concrete just working across last section trying not to blow out forms plan same pour rate until finished roughly end of week. Then will finish addition house wrap and place in window so I can close it up temps have been hovering above freezing at night so will be last few weeks of concrete work and back-fill before first snows hit and clean up yard or everything stays where it is until spring :wink: but pretty much right on schedule with lots of things learned


Glad things are working out! I’m not sure how hot it was year yesterday, but sign on bank read 95f at 630pm. I’m about ready for some snow haha.


another day another roof finished followed by a couple hours mixing and pouring concrete and doing some finishing touches on my own roof :wink: an hour in the shed watering and tending to my climate adjustments thanks to cold warm daily temp swings just above freezing to warm. One more day of pouring concrete then the rain comes for next 4 days to slow me down some


30f this morning and should warm to about 72f through day so yes that fun time of year where I get to adjust and tweak with shed venting every other day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like the same weather I’m getting in the greater Seattle area… today is the last nice day for at least a week, then rain. Stay dry bud :v:


Looking like rain is hitting this morning which works for me since I have to do some thrip control in my spaces easy enough task except for finding the time to get on it.


I don’t see how you deal with that cold, little buddy. Today’s high 90, low 70’s tonight


Cold is dry and dry is good for me almost no RH at 15f less joint pain and oddly a dry cold trumps a damp cool any day far as I am concerned 5c on the coast feels worse than a minus 20c day up North :wink: If not for the cold I would work year round and have no time to grow what you pay to cool a home I pay to keep it warm and I would rather shovel snow than have months of rain :stuck_out_tongue:
Costly day at hardware store 4 bags of R-20 bat’s junction boxes with vapor wraps new yard lights a door and some lumber $700 and still need a couple of breakers yet. Hopefully by end of weekend will have addition sealed up, wires all pulled concrete all finished and insulation started or maybe even done? However did get big bay window in today company repairs and shopping killed bulk of the day. Didn’t even get to the thrip massacre but it will happen soon


You must be either built like a tweaker or the Hulk from everything you do! Lol


No kidding, just reading his typical day makes me need a beer!


somewhere between lmao more like a roofer :wink: not too big but always stay in shape move around 12,000lb’s of tear-off gravel and materials every week carry place and set 90lb rolls every day after driving hundreds of nails with a hatchet. All while typically out in the sun on a shiny black surface then torch weld rolls to a nailed recovery board crouching nailing followed by standing pulling a roll at controlled pace with 1 hand holding a metal cane the other a torch that’s pumping out 350-500k BTU so basically I have vise like grip and strong shoulders and upper back. Very deceptive for my slim stature I stand carry and move hoists and ladders that weigh more than me and put in my days at same pace start to finish smarter not harder.
A typical 1200sqf roof has roughly 4800lb of tear off which is replaced with around 2600lb’s of materials and will finish that in 2 days and be onto next. So most of the things I do around my house seem like just routine slow steady always wins :wink:


This is Donald lmao

Sorry man… you can delete if you want. I’m high AF :v: Have a good one my dude


This ones better haha



You ain’t right, man lol


Hahahaha, I’m with the boss^


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