Purpose Built shed 2017


busted out another section of old foundation to place next jack post was a nightmare second place I have found re-bar will post pictures it wasn’t re-bar more like a steel cage will be removing forms today and moving them for last big pour on that section after back filling some to support wall as it cures


too many pictures to sort on my phone made it through the re-bar from hell and found sewer line under it of course was a fun day was rained out so got a bit ahead of where I had expected. Form made to finish first area house jacked and on post and next section of foundation busted out so will be back on shovel again so I can form next section of footing and start the cycle again. Will be a lot more digging since I want to get as much dirt as I can out from under house


You’re kicking butt for doing that by yourself!


Easier when I had whole day off would’ve poured concrete too but been threatening to rain all day so may just spend another hour or so digging this evening?


Wow! It’s amazing that you are doing that by yourself. How’s your back holding up with all that digging and hauling and back filling? Thank God you have cannabis!


That scrog is bloody amazing… luv ya work mate…:grin:


Don’t be bustin your hump on hump day! @Donaldj


Sitting around is actually harder on my body than working :wink: and I had day off due to rain biggest part is taking advantage of the chances to put in full days on it rather than just a few hours in the evening after work. I plugged away at it over 12hr’s yesterday and 4 or five more wheel barrows after work today and will be ready to place form for footing :stuck_out_tongue: So pretty much where I wanted to be by Sunday a few days early instead will get footing form in tonight and pour both footing and last of foundation wall on one side Friday night which will set enough for me form next section Sat and pour or start digging out another stretch maybe mow my lawn/hay field?
Pain fades, cuts heal but a well built house will outlive me and for everything in between there’s drugs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I honestly don’t think I ever said that…my body was built for comfort, not speed or agility…

I am not a religious type, but am going to look into reincarnation and pick a new belief (that’s how it works, right?)…it may take a few (quite a few) incarnations before I get to your stage but that’s my target.

Until then, tell your Dad I’m gonna adopt you…you’ll always have a place to stay here, and I’ll be sure to have some garden needs/home repairs to occupy your time, besides getting high…don’t want you to get bored :wink:


Lmao my L-3 to L-5 are all trying to fuse and have been for 20yr’s now any time I stop being active for more than a few days it outright aches to move. When I stay active the muscles stay tight and warm keeping everything lined up that or just the endorphins make it tolerable and activity keeps me distracted from it :wink: I know I will suffer for the abuse but can be worth it and I have to do all this stuff while I still can :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise I would have to hire others to do it aside from money saved also questions like why I have power going to a storage shed and an exhaust running in it constantly?

I get that from my uncle all the time my boss just wants my permission to clone me a few times… I just chalk it up to OCD and being stubborn only the misses really sees me when I am run down and baits me with food to come inside or reminds me time to get me in to rest for work


I get that…when I do yard work, there’s always one more thing to do, one last spot to clean up…and that last spot leads to another quick job and another…so what turns out to be an hour or so of maintenance turns into 3-4 hours for me…and I do have a lumbar fusion, L1-L2, circled by metal to the fused area…

the only time I had to see a doctor for it was 35 years ago, I sneezed the wrong way. That one sneeze made me bedridden for over a week in real pain.

What bothers me are my leg and arm joints…restless legs, a kind of neurologic arthritis, and restless arms (a side effect of the meds for the legs, a “rebound” thing)…I get to retirement and I can’t sit or lie down without discomfort or being pharmaceutically medicated by drugs with too many side effects, none recreational!
Even reading, something I have enjoyed my whole life, is a challenge with the legs and meds…I’ll read my Kindle Fire while walking in circles then need to take a break.

Bless her!


So you do have my energy level whether you want it or not my OCD is of the nature I can’t leave a task I start I commit to do something and that’s it. Even when I walk away my mind still is going over it again and again how can I improve on it make this step or that step easier faster more efficient. A good thing if you are the one employing me but leads to sleepless nights mental trial and error until I come to a choice than nothing else exists :wink: I probly spent 100hr’s reading watching youtube clips and doing calculations before I decided how to fix foundation than play it again in my head atleast once a week while working on it. I have to work on it to exhaust myself enough to sleep lmao


I’m a morning person, find having to use energy in the evening abhorrent at my age unless recreationally…there have been plenty of late night efforts when I was younger, a period of an 8 hour job and a 6 hour job, all the overtime I could work at the one job…but now, I want to sit and read (can’t), take an afternoon nap (can’t), and nod at night in a comfortable chair without moving (can’t) till bed time…not the worst of all places to be mentally and physically, I’m alive surrounded by loved ones, but since I made it here I was hoping for some level of relaxation, especially at night…I’ve spent too many hours tossing and turning and walking, zombie like, when I could be asleep…even if I’m active during the day, my legs still bother me…I’ve had this condition all my life, just the intensity and frequency increased a lot the last few years…I have relatives with this problem.


That really sucks! I feel like I’ve recently come down to not being able to sleep as easily.


That sucks @kabongster. I get restless legs at night too (though less since I’m off the pharmaceuticals) and they suck! Can’t imagine it in the arms too. I have grown some strong indica varieties and layer them essentially starting in the early evening with canna caps or tincture. From there I will vape while reading or watching TV and then when I go to bed have an infused edible of some kind. By spreading it out over several hours it helps me get to sleep and then stay asleep. Even if I do have to get up for the dogs or something I fall back to sleep pretty quickly which used to never happen. Hoping you can find some relief.


Long day worked 9 hr’s then came home to finish digging second section of footing weather was nice so decided to build form being that far along next logical thing was to wire re-bar. So now ready to pour concrete after I strip set form in the morning so good progress again so far this week


Well over a month since I last posted so will be a big catch up session 3:15am just spent 3hr’s trying to catch up on some threads still nearly 100 more to read through. I have been as busy as 1 legged man in arse kicking contest have 95% of my foundation finished including replacing furnace under house changing out plumbing moving hot water on demand roofing half my house and pouring foundation for a small addition. This is just a summary since every task involved several other tasks and hours and hours of shoveling forming rebar tying tin bashing pipe fitting etc… All fit in after work and on weekends I am finally in sight of a end for this year with me awake waiting for Home Depot to open so I can pick up last bags of cement and lumber to frame addition which both should be done by end of weekend :wink: Leaving me once again able to have free time :slight_smile: Was an even longer summer for my ladies as they suffered from my working all daylight hours. I have under watered them 3-4 times had a plant hermi left shed looking like a forest in fall with dry leaves everywhere had temps hit and stay in high 90’s for days on end and basically left them to their own fates. I managed to rotate plants all summer harvesting every month but to lack luster yields. This encouraged me to do a reset in flower rooms back to scrog growing and diligent attention at cost of a 6 week production loss. I recently finished entire grow running Remo nutrients with promising results so my ladies are on second round with Remo now. My crazy summer resulted in strain mix up so will be also reset on that end with unknowns getting flowered out and replaced with new known plants. Just in full disclosure and once again making my point that I abuse my ladies and screw things up too :wink: just like anyone else. Fortunately for us all these plants are super forgiving and want to grow even when we work against them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Updates to follow


Good to see you back! Hopefully remainder of project goes smoothly.


still have 63 unread and 35 new topics to read and it’s been 5hrs another hour and I can head out to get things rolling but my eyes are crossed so may not be able to read my list by then lmao. And it pissed out last night so could be a muggy day to say least


You’ll get there haha!