Purpose Built shed 2017


Feast or famine. Especially when it’s an industry that you’re out in the weather.


Weather is definitely huge factor for me worked half day today got home finished digging the one side for footing inside hiding from thunder storm which is washing sand back into my hole :rage: fortunately shy of where my footing is going in but still a frustration I will have to deal with when I get to where water runs off roof. A baileys and coffee then will go build form and tie re-bar so I am ready to pour concrete tomorrow


No worries @Donaldj when things wind down, We expect more thorough updates on your grows. Hope everything is still growing though for your sake. Haha.


ladies are doing fine though last harvest reflected my neglect or simply just a poor result from the 2 led fixtures not being enough for footprint? Mother space is packed again so have cuttings sitting on top of it in low light which reminds me I need to make more clones today have a lady getting harvested in next week or so which frees up space for me to shuffle into veg space :slight_smile:
5 am and pissing out with no end in site for next 5-6 hr’s I could pour in the rain but it also makes my trench walls unstable which is far from friendly for moving full wheel barrows of concrete?


last weekend you can see the height difference from one sides footing to the next hard to judge the scale but the one side is 30" and high side is about 12" the crack in 3 and 4th picture are just some of many and I live in a cold belt so frost line is 48" below grade. Since these pictures I have dug down additional depth and placed re-bar and forms


That’s a lot of work happening @Donaldj keep on keeping on, rain or shine. Get it weathered in before the cold blow. Thanks for the grow updates too.


That looks(looked) sketchy as hell. Good work.


Good progress today even in the rain managed to get first part of footing poured so I can start on wall form tomorrow inside form will be finish height with outer form being stages to keep pouring simple hard to pour concrete through 6" space using a shovel let alone to fill over 3’ of cavity let alone while mixing the concrete 3 cubic feet at a time :wink: Took me 2 1/2 bags of cement 15 trip with wheel barrow maybe more and nearly 3hr’s to pour footing mind you made high psi mix 1 part cement 2 parts sand 3 parts pea gravel walls will be closer to 5 parts gravel thicker mix and more per trip :stuck_out_tongue: Goal is to have wall in by end of next week so I can progress around corner during weekend


awesome work @Donaldj


My damn back got sore looking at those pics! You do good work @Donaldj


Lmao and the sun came out 2 hr’s later and have a potential side job to do a quote on which would likely pay for whole project if I can pick it up? What’s a roof over a weekend or 2 if it helps me pay for my roof or foundation? reminds me still haven’t done estimate on my own roof lmao and damn thing leaked last winter and have old as dirt hotwater tank to pull out from under house before I build forms as well as old cast iron T things I couldn’t get at until foundation was out.
This is actually an easier project than I had expected the yard side I am doing next summer is going to be hard since plan on building an addition 16’x32’ with full basement but going to see about getting a backhoe or excavator for that will still involve removing my deck and 32 feet of foundation tree stump altering fence to keep dogs out of area etc… Still have mother in law’s deck to build soffitting and who knows what else I will get sucked into this summer :wink:


Glad to hear something went your way!


Can’t make this whole thread about reno’s :wink:

A little selective harvesting tops were drooping into it’s neighboring plant but couldn’t tie and within last week so why not :stuck_out_tongue:

Crown Royal front and days from ready Green Crack back and another 4 weeks left forgive pics hard to get good shots with LEC so close. Has already cost me one camera fried photo cell

happy ladies in Veg

mothers doing their thing

some blueberry clones


Gorgeous plants and buds, as usual!


Looking awesome @Donaldj


Nice work on the Reno’s bro! That looks like some hard yards. Those bugs don’t look too bad either :call_me_hand:t2:

3rd Grow (2)Banana Kush, (2)Bubble Gum, (2)AK-47 and (1)Girl Scout Cookie Extreme

Footing setting up nicely which meant I had to go pick up drainage pipe and some lumber so things could continue on $2 a ft for 2"x10" if it weren’t for the fact I am reusing them for addition I wouldn’t have bothered. They certainly helped speed up my wall form making me ready to pour again tonight after work goal is day of forming day of pour 48hr set then pour again will be ready to do some backfill by end of week but be 2-3 weeks before cured enough to support full weight of house by then should be around second side likely will pour wall then start busting out next corner to place jack post tonight? A fun inside corner which supports a sagged addition floor and will need some serious TLC but once supported will let me build 2 more forms and round 2 corners :wink:
Last 2 stretches will be easiest addition is lighter than house to support and actually needs to be lowered some and driveway side is new entirely :slight_smile: so almost done all the hardest parts just a matter of perspective? I am certainly on schedule if not ahead of where I expected to be at this point and learning curve is speeding things up with each day put into it

think my footings are overkill but being on sand 10" thick by 18" wide seemed about right to me compared to the 6"x 15" I busted out biggest thing is below frost line now so no more heave. I also may be adding more rebar than needed but better on the safe side don’t want to have to fix this in 10yr’s


Good call on going a little extra, especially if you plan on staying there. My mentality is always buy once cry once if I can.


Excellent work @Donaldj You build like I do. Probably overkill, but can’t hurt? Everything is looking great. Good luck on the pouring. Can’t be posting with concrete setting up. Haha


Took me 3 hrs to fill form and bags of Portland cement but setting up now so tomorrow will bust out another section and give it the extra day before removing form warmer weather on forecast and forms help it retain water and cure better. Want it set enough to do some backfill giving me a place out of my way to move dirt everything will get easier as I get closer to driveway where water mixer and power are