Purpose Built shed 2017


an hour or so a day as I said didn’t say would get far in that hour :wink: found a new problem not really a problem perse’ but more of a damn have to put jacks to work ahead of plan front of house foundation is far higher than sides so if I dig to same level I am undermining. Over a foot difference digging to same depth as sides without carrying load first is asking for more trouble so will dig to current level then plan my lift :wink: Hardest part is removing sod and tree roots near surface beyond that it’s easy digging since I plan to regrade front side I am wheeling dirt from hole to lower side of house filling a hole and will back fill front with removed dirt while regrading 2 birds one stone hopefully less wheeling dirt around house to finish? Though I do plan to take the oppertunity to remove more dirt from under house so I don’t have to belly crawl under it for any future issues love dealing with 70 year old construction standards. On the plus side if I ever wanted to sell a level and sound foundation helps resale so won’t be half arsing it what’s another few hundred for the peace of mind? I do plan to raise house another 4" so it sits further above snow during winter our small boot room won’t come with house since it sits on a concrete slab but no big loss
Anyway ladies will likely need watering tomorrow but looking fine atm


The girls are all looking so good. :slight_smile:


Lmao and my hands are far from manicured looking now :wink:


I bet they still look nice :grinning:


Yep tar under the nails ground into the finger print ridges cracked cuticles singed hair and callused with cuts in various stages of healing lmao that’s my summer patina. I only wear gloves to run torch my hands are clean sunday night after 2 days of washing and working around the yard otherwise they stay stained all summer :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine alway have ink all over them and under my nails. Hope your always being safe up on those roofs


Lmao been a busy couple of weeks ladies have been pretty much on auto pilot dealing with first bout of heat stroke of the year tonight

have been plugging away prepping to replace foundation putting in the extra time at work to cover rebar and concrete accumulating wood for forms. Working on my garden to make it as automated as I can buried weeping hose timers for 4 zones need a pressure booster pump or run all zones staggered? Have sided 3 sides of mothers garage last side will be done this weekend then will do soffet and facia crap I do all the time so way faster :wink: also need to dig more and jack more of the house up this weekend work work work… Decided will be doing small addition to house this year expanding dining room and boot room pouring concrete anyway what’s a slight change in footings and another hole at this point?


That’s one of my favorite Metallica songs. Nice choice.

Do you live in Metropolis? :wink: I admire your hard work.


That’s probably one of my favorite albums from them, that and justice for all.

Seems like staggering the zones would be way to go if it’s automated. Less you have to worry about setting up pump and breaking down. If not automated, the pump will free up a lot of time I would think.


This is also a great way to be certain your pump is providing adequate pressure, and flow. @Donaldj @dbrn32


on City water 55 psi mostly due to me not converting to 3/4 plumbing but after house has been raised and foundation dug will have more room to add new exterior taps. It’s the whole house not just garden but doesn’t help 1/2" line feeding 250’ of hose to reach garden where it then gets divided and pressure reg to house was seized so need city to shut off to replace but inside chore I can do in winter :wink: Weeping hose acts as fertigation system for garden watering right at the roots but kills water pressure fast nice thing is less wasted water and city can’t tell when I water garden so no fines :stuck_out_tongue: Soil is still developing in garden it won’t be perfect for gardening for another season or so yet since started with sand and trucked in nearly 15yrds of compost it is either too rich or to dry not perfectly worked and blended yet with sandy pockets and heavy organic areas still breaking down but the worms are starting to move in so getting there. Heavy feeders did well last year so will do repeat this year and add more organics through summer nearly 1/2 acre of grass to mow clippings add up plus used medium house scraps by next year will be just right for anything I want to grow.
I am going to fill my green house too this year may even put a lady in her if I have enough herbs to hide her smell


Damn Donald, I admire your drive and hard work! You deserve a nice glass of Scotch :wink:


Lmao I knew it had been awhile but didn’t think it had been this long I finally have foundation to a starting point where concrete pouring is in sight. Been a push with 45-50hr work weeks and most of my time off due to rainy days but have removed old foundation on one side and have new grade established for footings a few hours after work tonight and will be ready to place forms for first sides footing. This is the interesting side which had several beams and was actually 3’ foundation though heavily damaged and my learning curve side :wink: Managed to work out most of my bugs where best to place jacks and posts how deep the holes for them need to be other side though deeper will be easier since can be done in several sections and the dirt will be moving from area as backfill for finished side :slight_smile:
Aside from a couple of late frosts my garden is doing quite well even neglected damn weeds and my grow has been pretty much on auto pilot needing only watering every 4 days and the odd feed


If the sh*t ever hits the fan, and we end up back in the 18th century, I want you working on my farm. Nice work. :+1:


I so would love to live off grid


I’m with you on off living off fhe grid. The rest of my family would complain. Nice job on the house @Donaldj I know it’s a lot of work jacking everything up, plumbing etc. I don’t need pictures to prove how much work it is. I just hope it goes as smoothly as it can, so you can get it done before it snows again.
Hope you still have a bit of time to tend to the garden. Happy growing.


I have pics on my phone lmao got side tracked tonight so didn’t make any head way on house garden is doing well and ladies needed watering and tending. Work took longer had to install new tin for a fussy customer and was instructed make it perfect :frowning:


Shop day at work today will be working at bosses place bulk of the day helping with siding doing some repairs to equipment so of course up way too early which worked out since I got the chance to get caught up on several threads :wink: It’s mostly a make work day since our next job isn’t ready for setup yet have my own to do list for end of day propane to fill flashing to install etc. calling for rain next few days not very keen on helping OCD boss with siding :wink: but paid work is better than none.


TGIF all I can say was worked at bosses place siding for close to 10hrs sounds simple but the shop is 44’x56’x15’ which means scaffolds planks and lots of balancing :wink: So far I have been helping build the shop every step of the way made forms poured concrete framed walls insulated put on roof ceiling you name it. A little history on my involvement with the company when I started the boss was living in a trailer with 1 work truck a 20’x20’ shop and had been struggling for 10yrs trying to make business work. Him and I doing roofs within 3 yrs he had bigger house new truck and me running his crew at this point we have 3 company trucks a Bobcat all new equipment 2 properties and he only has to pull cameo appearances lmao. Went from making 50-60k a year to 200-250k his wife thanks me constantly because I pushed him to expand proved we could take larger jobs and keep making returns in return I am well paid have access to all the equipment and vehicles and was given/earned downpayment for my current home :slight_smile: I live breathe eat sleep work during summer much to my misses frustration but it is letting her go to school paid for our house and bills. So my lack of activity on forum during my work season is not a lack of interest or caring it is I am just damn busy with 10 projects on the go at any given time and the energy and time I spend on forum during winter redirected :wink: The same drive I have at work is what forum gets in my off season so if my threads lack you’ll have to except it as part of my personality task oriented


I don’t think there’s a person here that doesn’t understand. I don’t really have a seasonal job, but I can go from from a gravy 40ish hour work week to 80+ hour week in the blink of an eye. I would imagine my wife no happier than yours when it happens too. But she spends that money haha! I think anyone that’s ever worked in a service related industry knows how it goes.