Purpose Built shed 2017


@Donaldj long time no talk. You started with your warm weather job yet?



You’re a busy guy! I’m sure the efforts are much appreciated.


actual garden is 25’x40’ with 5’ spacing and 3’x18’ beds and roughly 18" trough between dug lower than beds for both drainage and earth blending. At end of summer I will add compost into troughs and level before tilling next season beds shift to centered above troughs further amending soil. I figure will be 3-4 yrs before soil is just about perfect only needing slight amending each season which my own compost can provide. Have revamped my addition design some but still just a future plan so likely will change it several times lmao

lol I will likely get her to buy cement mixer for me in exchange would make my life easier to have 2 for fixing my foundation reduce odds cold pour :wink: and she needs concrete for deck footings figure fair trade a couple days work for 6-700 still saving her 2-3000


Even better!


She was game for mixer :slight_smile:
Will be a busy week for me going to try and force myself to man shovel 1-2hr’s a night exposing old footings and foundation along 3 sides of my house 5’ hole 4’ wide with shovel and wheel barrow good times :stuck_out_tongue: Most of foundation is about 3’ deep which is under code no rebar and cinder block so way under code hence me having to replace it all :persevere: going to take the chance to get house higher off ground and regrade front of house which is sloped toward house and needs to come down 6-8" Everything starts with the hole though so sooner I get started the merrier will lose 2 weekends building deck and siding garage which reminds me siding to pick up today too.


I would imagine a project like that is similar to moving, difficult to find help haha!


won’t get help with digging but when concrete is flowing is when I will need help prior to that everything is light and fiddling around it’s hours and hours of prep followed by a few hours of concrete pouring and it is what it is :wink:


One side of house exposed small wonder foundation sunk 10"x4" footing WTF? it’s on sand 16-18" minimum L shape will work for me with back fill supporting any bowing since would be hell to back fill inside and all pressure will be inward :wink: Found plenty of new cracks I hadn’t seen and even footing was out of level but no big cracks unlike front/back yard. Lmao spent 4 hrs shoveling P gravel at work then picked up siding dropped it off and came home to shovel for 3 hrs I just look at it as saving $30hr to get someone else to do it :wink: The next side of house is going to be fun it’s all 3’ deep


You’re working harder than me lol. I’m on about glass 4 of Jim beam black, debating on whether I can layout and drill straight holes into some 3/4” aluminum angle. I think I’ll finish this glass and see…


It’s the young blood


I think he’s got me by a couple years actually. I’m borderline on that millennial status, and real good at it too sometimes haha.


40 but only as old as you let yourself be :wink: I just have goals and am used to limited timelines so I do as much as I can daily while trying not to burn myself out. Will likely start the plans for deck in the am before work so I can start a materials list calculate concrete needed and and anchors for a 360sft deck :wink: my mind is most productive in peace and quiet of morning. That or with metal cranked and a nice baileys and coffee in hand not baked and tired from a days work :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t smoke at work something about driving a 8000kg loaded work truck and increased odds of being pulled over for inspection main reason I have company truck :wink: Either way concrete will need week or more to cure so it is first and foremost task for deck and needs to be planned as such lmao still debating cobble stone deck surface or dura deck? but need to crunch numbers first.
Fed all the little ones tonight 15ml micro 25ml bloom 20ml Cal-mag first feeding will have to remember camera tomorrow but my soilless grows are so easy tending they thrive on being ignored and get only few minutes attention a day unless something is off :slight_smile: and with exterior intake connected temps run cool 63-68f so they need less watering and grow at slower rates yes that’s right not recirculating heat. Makes for one less thing I have to track and adjust as temps start to raise outside though the -3c this morning had me debating the 20c swing of day could lead to a hot space while I am away


See young Blood Told you… God 40, To be 40 again wow No I will pass. it was way to much work…
LMAO @Donaldj you run around like some 15 year old with a boner… In the nicest way I can say it…


You’re not lying, my back is sore for him lol.


See @dbrn32 knows my pain…


lmao speechless hahaha I have had fubar back for 20yrs and honestly would be concerned if it stopped being sore, I grew up with a dad that would break bones and go to work next day. Hook tender for a Skyline logging outfit on some of the worst terrain he did it for nearly 35yrs and retired at 60 with the phone still ringing before that he worked in coal mines in Ontario so I was raised working was pulling straw line and caring blocks up hillsides as soon as I was big enough.


Off to bed for me early morning ttyl :slight_smile:


Been there done that, I growed up on a farm, and well it was the way we lived…
No power No running water, Wood heat, Mom cooked on wood stove, Had a hand pump for water.
Went out back to use the rest room, The best part! was killing you pets to eat… Ya not a fun thing to learn as a 5 your old… But learned, I am now A tech for a VoIP Phone servers, Hacker what ever they need me to be,
I guess I had a hard life and take it out on anyone, So I think I do anyway.
Sorry don’t mean to dump Just Me!.. LMAO I will be fine I swear, I get a good buzzz on well you know…


Have to say packed house and LEC is killing it

LED’s not so much I am pretty sure they are bound for shelf after this cycle until I have time to do a scrog

veg space loving LEC just as much
and for those who ask I always look for this before flowering anything :wink:

preflower under 16/8 schedule very few plants get pushed into flower in my grows they take as long as they take and is easy to sex without risk


Didn’t get any shoveling done yesterday put in 8hrs in the sun at work than met with misses to grocery shop by the time we got home muscles had decided to tighten up. Did start drawing deck atleast but starting slow today back is tight figure work will get kinks out so I can see my friend the shovel after work :stuck_out_tongue: