Purpose Built shed 2017


Clean work day ahead no tear off just torching all day :slight_smile: managed to bail out of work early enough yesterday to hit hydro shop and pick up couple more 7 gal pots and butane which made some fresh shatter :slight_smile: will be pulling WW and SS today to leave them in darkness to finish and free up some room


Will be a quicker day tomorrow almost done capping so will be few hours to finish torching than guard rails down tin on and work week over :slight_smile: Pulled the WW and did some training on the bubblegum just waiting for lights to come on to pull SS


How’s the bubblegum? I’ve wanted to grow that one for a while now


Was a slow starter but I started it as mother so never rush them to mature but once she caught her stride became a nice bushy lady. Will see how she performs in flower if she’s anywhere close to how SS was I’ll be pleased


one plant down one more to go

Also defoliated SS but didn’t trim yet


All out of likes at the moment, but I love this @Donaldj great grow and loved following along. I’ll be sure to follow the next one.


Hit hydro store yesterday stocked up on perolite and vermiculite
192 L Sunshine mix 56 L black earth 25 L pero and verm should make a decent starting soil remaining soil less while still having slight organic charge


need to get haircut today then trim SS followed by some transplanting drying cabinet is kicking arse with RH 56% 66f this morning and most lines full if I can hold those numbers for next week or so won’t need to paper bag dry :slight_smile:


Was a busy day yesterday got rid of my winter scruff haircut/shave picked up some new plant saucers and PK booster and finished my harvest. Then did 3 transplants 2 7 gall 1 3gal making sure next rotation is in veg nice and early no point to 7 gal pots if you don’t let them veg 4-6 weeks but they produce monsters given the veg time :wink: Have a few more transplants to do today then some yard work ready my green house for plants and feed my lawn turn my compost if wind stays down may light my fire pit? Garden is another few weeks off but should be ready to till next week got smart this year and bought 200’ of soaker hose to outsmart bylaws everything will be on timers soaker hose will be buried in so top watering only for first weeks :stuck_out_tongue: I have to make process as simple as possible fixing house foundation is going to eat up most of my evenings so want gardens on low effort mode shed green house and garden included misses could kill plastic plants so only so much she can do


I wish I could be half that productive lol


I would settle for doing a quarter of what you do, I have lowered the bar and my expectations over the winter, tho sunshine and warmer weather are motivating, gotta get past some lousy seasonal chores before enjoying it.
reading here is just delaying doing them :wink:


lol I feel so overwhelmed with the chores I have this summer trust me the drive to get all these things done is laziness if I do them right garden becomes a automated affair weeding aside. Lawn being fed means less weeds yard cleanup means less stuff I have to store well fixing foundation. Method to the madness I am working on being able to pick away at things slowly all summer by getting started early where ever I can simplified my shed and garden so they eat less time daily and if I don’t look at my chores like needing done all at once I can spend a hour or so digging daily then go to a chore that’s more relaxing to wind down don’t sweat the small stuff and everything is small if broken into pieces :wink:


“Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world”



nonsensical quotes until taken in context and applied my friend but once broken down they become so logical I work in a trade that consists of tiny tasks built up to form a whole. 1 shingle 5 nails 1 bundle of shingles 100 nails 3 bundles 60 shingles 300 nails and 10sft and so on :wink: So to me every action is added to collectively make a whole and everything starts with the first step


Crowded house :slight_smile:

The next round already rooting into their 7 gal pots will veg for next 5-6 weeks

By then next 3 will be ready to fill their spots :wink:
Didn’t get shot of my other flower space but just as crowded as the first :stuck_out_tongue:


Never a dull moment there!


White Widow was just shy of 3 oz so added a bit of under grade to fill the quota. Being more aggressive with my feeding under the LED’s this round and pruning canopy which I usually avoid doing to test theory. So far Bubblegum and White widow in this second run are coming along decently opened summer intake vent lastnight figure more fresh air will help and temps have risen enough outside they should be fine will monitor and adjust bled rate to keep temps in range.
Got my first sunburn of the season yesterday which will brown and turn into my base tan as usual :wink: ground is still frozen about 3-4" below surface but may be able to run tiller tonight and would make it easier for me to regrade front of house since I have to remove about that much earth from fence to house in order to redirect water :wink: I will try and get pictures of Bubblegum today but may get enwrapped with jacking house or some other chore so no guarantee my plants in veg are already becoming monsters particularily my PK which is oldest and now about 4’ so will need to do some heavy pruning so they aren’t too large by flower?
Should be a fun weekend with all the things to get started or done around home


On a plus note my power bill has dropped drastically since last 2 month bill by nearly $100 warmer outside temps account for some of it but I know recent shed mods helped too. Just pleased to see some savings off the recent investments say what you will but smart meters making some things obvious.
Calculating rebar and concrete at 5 am sucks :persevere::confounded::dizzy_face::weary::rage: think this is better left until after work tonight when I can run tape around house.


Weather was nice today garden is ready for tilling and my water is running outside :slight_smile: so lawn is getting good watering after fertilizing hit 22c today 71f finished up at work around 2 only to have boss and co-worker hit me up for shatter which meant running back out for couple of hours. Looking forward to moving some earth tomorrow quick run to town to rent tiller and grab some stakes and lumber than till garden and run tiller back. Maybe do some planting? or place some jack posts under house


Had very busy day yesterday tilled garden strung lines to make rows dug the first 3 of 10 raised rows picked up 8 Cedars for along my fence line and planted first 4 helped misses clean back yard some. Lost lots of time in town at mother inlaw’s place measuring for siding and the new deck she wants to build 36’x10’ with a 16’ ramp will draw it up and do the quote for her then spend 1 weekend auggering and pouring concrete for supports than another weekend framing and decking it. So yes just adding more work to my list lmao but family so if I can save her some money by all means why not?