Purpose Built shed 2017


I would have to jar early in winter dry slow. It’s just too dry here to hang for long. I had never heard of paper bag or box method at that time. Summer obviously a different story. That’s why I was interested in the drying box. I think when the time comes I may give one of those wine chiller mods a try. Lots of good info on them in cigar forums.


The biggest difference is went from 480w ± 10% to 210w ± 5% so a drop of 4.8 kwh or roughly 76 cents less a day to run mother space and this is before factoring heating which was roughly 2-6 kwh $1 a day on average more during colder days 1500w 5-20min an hour so nearly $2 a day less :wink:
That is where I will notice change the most flowering more plants at less cost


you can make a tote box dryer with a computer fan and some easily covered vents but I like wood because it absorbs moisture and releases it back holding a more consistent RH


I tried that. Worked ok, but I didn’t have the ideal place to put it. I had room in my grow, but it was difficult to keep light tight. Anywhere else smell was an issue. I had some luck using carbon sheets for air purifier, but not enough. There wasn’t enough room to do inline with filter with bud too. With that setup anywhere I put it I had an issue with temp, light, or smell. Sometimes more than one.

Not s big issue right now with nothing growing. But I’ll have to figure something out eventually.


lol mine is going to tap right into exhaust under filter so will draw smell and RH out at controlled rate using only exhaust which always runs anyway no added cost. vents will be simple drilled holes in bottom of box which can easily be covered as needed.
When not in use can double for storage


Should work pretty good for you. That’s why I feel the wine chiller a good option for me. I can keep in flowering space that already has filter, and still keep cooler. All I would need to do is trap light on an intake and exhaust.


Guess I can’t do all these updates without showing where the ladies went?

Temps all around are perfect now 66 in blending space 75 in all grow spaces :slight_smile: and bonus all my water buckets out of the way

drying box in just need to drill holes and sweep in out then string some lines


You’ve been busy! Shed looks nice and tidy. That’s a huge bonus in savings per month too.


Sweat equity and actual cost since I have 2 sheets of both plywood and insulation was around $200 after I return extras which likely will just be used for new dog houses this summer or forms for my foundation this summer. Will keep cooling costs down and should see return on my efforts in terms of savings within 4-5 months improvement in plants will be faster


That’s a win-win all the way around then!


Busy day black earth was on sale at around $2 a cubic foot so figured why not speed up the snow melt on my garden and add some more top soil at sametime. Spread 20 bags of soil on top of snow the dark color will absorb more heat and speed up the snow melting 18" of packed slush and ice takes a while to defrost when it’s still white and reflects sun. Also grabbed a couple bags of Sunshine Mix #4 my old fave back into my mix see if I notice a difference over promix? I had bigger plants in the past using SS#4 so worth a try. Also had to put soffit on my shed wind was blowing snow off my overhang into my shed attic which resulted in wet insulation and too much heat loss as wind howled through I had intended to get it done last summer no big deal, fiber glass will dry fast enough. Going to gut my old PC for power supply and fans for my drying cabinet and new mother space don’t need much just a little air movement above the t5’s to push heat down and PC is just spare parts needs new HD actually come to think of it I have a power supply and fan already :wink:


I like to see household stuff recycled into grows. Have used all kinds of different chargers and power supplies to power those fans. I snag them all the time.


@Donaldj I still have a bit of snow hanging in piles here too. Hopefully those pc fans work well to help circulate.
I just threw a bunch away… I saved a flat rate box size of of worthy heat sinks for the future. @dbrn32


I’m gonna find something to do with them passively. There was a dhl notice in my inbox yesterday, and I don’t have anything pending from China. Thinking one of my sample requests got through, and could be the answer.


Sample as in a bud sample tested?


lol the power supply was toast which is likely why I replaced it that or it needs a switch which I will have to track specs to find? easier to get a 12v adapter :slight_smile:


Will be another busy day outside I need to organize under my overhang beside shed and enclose it more add doors so I can empty my covered deck. Will remain cold storage but does need to keep driving snow out and is currently full of Ice and snow has no shelves and piled up totes etc would be nice to have it functional


Lots of progress got overhang mostly organized and enclosed one side but still too much ice at front to make a decent door need the damn snow to melt so I can get to the real chores


It was 80 here the other day, snowing tonight.


9hrs fighting the wind setting up on next job feel myself getting into better shape every day will gain weight over summer as usual not bad weight :wink: Can almost make it to my compost now wind has done wonders eating away the snow