Purpose Built shed 2017


I think I would’ve done something along those lines the misses gave me grief when I went to drop off a zip for a friend he asked me where my dog was since she usually goes everywhere. Told him I could only handle one btch in the car at a time and I drew short straw that morning :wink: she was unimpressed mind you after a 20min drive with her saying why are you giving away bud I figured it was called for :slight_smile:


Lmao! That’s good right there! I’m coming back in 30 minutes when I have likes.


Love the woman but she has all the charm of a rattle snake almost my polar opposite in temperment she panics overreacts and I am calm cool and collected think on my feet. She gets wound up easily and I can pretty much laugh off most things, should’ve seen her when I flirted with our insurance adjuster to distract her from foundation issues when we were buying our house lmao. Had adjuster reading only what I wanted out of inspection report and misses was ready to snap took me an hour to explain we would’ve lost house if I hadn’t manipulated the situation. Took me 10 secs to realize the adjuster was flirting to know how to handle her :wink: lmao but misses hates her to this day insists she does all the talking yet every time we renew it’s me who does it


Good stuff! My wife and I are both very stubborn, especially when dealing with each other. She appears to be the one that’s more easy going, but far from the truth. She complains more than anyone I know, about everything, when nobody else is around.


thinking 1.5" I have some other rigid foam already so may just match it? or use it on one wall? cost would be around 300 with plywood to cover it double framing and insulating is close to the same price giving me R-12 but costing me space :wink: though it is more discrete lmao


That stuff looks really neat! Unfortunately I can’t comment on whether it’s a better idea or not, no knowledge. Seems like it would help though.


Looks similar to the foam panels, but added reflective surface. R- value is as good as styrofoam. R-3.75 and inch. @Donaldj


Study conducted at local university actually found that the reflective film alone had an impact in temps but would be covered so not of benefit for my plants. Biggest selling point is ease of use and no need to vapor barrier as well as less footprint loss the other rigid foams are r-5 an inch but come in 2’x8’ sheets at same price per sheet :wink: I get way nicer stuff at work but $$ r-6 + per inch


warzone was a chore getting everything shuffled to insulate wall and build new flower space took me a couple of hours to get everything moved then remove shelving and dog run. I followed that by fitting in insulation

Taping off seems then sheathing which ate 4-5hr’s lastnight, this afternoon I built new mother space followed by rehanging some shelving

Wired lights and threw in some insulation since I had extra :wink: space is 36"x48"x53" has bi-fold door which seals mostly light tight. Top acts as extra storage space and shelf which is already filled since to work on next wall had to shuffle everything again I also put some old plastic shelves on floor for thermal break before moving mothers into their new digs.

Got second wall done after moving everything was going to add some shelves as well but company came over twice during so took it as hint to call it a day :slight_smile: Of course also needed to water and add some plants to mother spaces to make sure everyone had homes.

Super Skunk progressing nicely. Will be long day tomorrow have to remove old mother space then insulate and sheath wall followed by building work bench and putting up new shelves. On the plus side new mother space is running at nearly 300w less than previous one and temps held stable even without 400w MH in use at about 60f in blending area which is big improvement already and with one wall remaining and gap to fill above door I figure will be enough to hold temps fine next winter :slight_smile:


Nice going @Donaldj I hope the next winter grow goes with out a hitch!


Immediate results are always satisfying on projects like this, nice work!


After the 15-16hrs it took to get me to this point lmao not sure I would say immediate but certainly promising and space needed organizing and cleaning. Already gained more space with dog run gone have a better space for my buckets right by door :wink: today is last wall and likely easiest with the exception of my boxed in carbon filter to duck under. Will be building work bench and drying box along the whole wall with some overhead shelving and open space under bench for tote boxes and storage I don’t expect in end to gain too much floor space but will gain storage making floor space easier to utilize :wink:


productive day today last wall insulated

form that to this
removed old mother space and sheathing then added insulation taped off and cut in new sheathing. Follwed that up with adding shelves and making a work bench
You would think I don’t gain floor space by doing this but I actually do since under counter becomes storage space new mother space though taller about 2 sqft more of floor than my dog run. Also the run along wall where dogs entered took 16" over a 7’ length where nothing could be placed on floor :wink: I had to place buckets along that line to to have floor space. Just an idea of how much shuffling was involved

End result is

A dump trip for 3 bags of garbage and managed to bring some things back into shed, place for everything and after dinner everything in it’s place. Going to box in directly under filter to make a drying cabinet next phase of my chaos


Looks great! And I’m now thinking I need to clean my garage.


Mother space is now 5 42w t5’s and temps in area are holding around 64f up 2f from start of the day made my boxed in section under filter have to hang door, drill some intake vents and string some lines. Will have clean space with limited air movement to hang and dry for my next harvest and plenty of space to trim debating a couple of screens for sugar leaves and trim?


Let us know what you decide for screens. I have a trim tray with one somewhere but I think the screen is a little too big.


lol likely just going to use bug mesh since I have a roll :wink: I don’t intend to disturb too much while drying and wet trim for the most part :slight_smile: Point of the drying box is slow constant airflow and temps while keeping buds in the dark and RH controlled also keeping things cleaner rather than my usual open air hanging which is subject to low or high RH dust and getting disturbed often :wink:


Will try and do my VS pictures today now both spaces have extra plants in them it should be interesting :stuck_out_tongue: also need to transplant 2 ladies to 7 gal and seedlings. Curse of rotating space and mothers had to push 3 ladies from veg to flower slightly ahead of schedule so flower spaces are close to packed now.


funny how the plan and reality don’t synch up, I blame Mother Nature, can’t say anymore trying to stay politically correct…just planting the thought :grin:!

my stash was running low, that pushed some of my plants into flowering sooner than I like, the curse of growing 2 plants at a time :wink:


lol I built new mother space 3x4’ old mother space was 6?x3’ so needed to push some plants out or prune everything into submission again lmao. Pushed out 2 plants and since the three in veg space had all recovered from transplanting and was full couldn’t fit more plants and still get into flower space which had room for atleast 1 plant more each