Purpose Built shed 2017


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and back down


The blackberry kush sprouted lastnight so 2 days from soaking into rapid rooters and off to the races :slight_smile: can’t post pictures atm couldn’t even see my ladies lastnight :frowning: somehow a dinner visit turned into an overnight without my permission and or knowing until late in evening. Leaving me in chicflick or Youtube mode all evening I was more than annoyed too small of a house for company


Both Blackberry kush sprouted I broke stem on one during transplant but after a few days it appears it may rebound? Have been sore and tired first few days back to work tend to find every muscles I don’t use in winter lmao. So haven’t had the enthusiasm to do picture updates


I’m sore, and can’t claim I didn’t do anything all winter. I think I’m just getting too old to be working this hard haha.


4 hours yesterday shoveling pea gravel and then loading around 3000lb of roofing material. Today was tearing off old roof tar&gravel roof then laying underlay and torching to cover 7 hrs have another 5-6 hrs left to finish it. Just the usual start of season pains bruised knees from crawling sore hands and wrists from nailing swinging hammer. It’s kinda like the first week back into a gym after 3 months off not bad pain just energy sucking until everything is back into working condition :wink:


@dbrn32 I know how you guys feel. I’m much to young to feel this dam old. Lol
I hope your Kush rebounds. @Donaldj
How much of a tail do you allow before transplant into rapid rooter? About 1/2” maybe?


I just soak then plant I don’t do paper towel way I figure it they will sprout or they won’t so long as they are kept moist and warm


I’m not that kind of sore. More like 300’ of ladder three both ways three different times. Then cramming all 6’5 and 240 lbs of me into a space not suited for 9 year old Ethiopian boy for a couple hours at a time.


Sounds like fun :wink:


Snowfall warning issued for this afternoon and I have to get it done today so the stress level raises


Of course! If it was easy everyone would do it right?


If I were still in my 20’s and early 30’s it would be easy did way harder jobs back then fall and burn set chokers brushing bucking and all for less pay than I make now


Been there. I was picking up rocks out of a field after harvest last year. Easier than most yard work I did for free around the house growing up, for free lol. And boss is way easier to work for than the ol’ man too.


The lineup begins :stuck_out_tongue:

Bubblegum White widow and Blueberry all in veg space with daily rotation waiting to go to flower. Leaving me with Crown Royal Super Skunk, Green Crack and Pk waiting in mother space to get a seat.


Enjoying a few more days off as I figured would happen weather has been colder than seasonal leading to more snow and no work.
Which has given me a chance to get everything caught up WW final numbers were 5 1/2 oz A grade 4 oz shake and sugar, which I converted to 15gr of shatter and 1lb of Coco oil :wink:
All my mother plants have been cloned and are do to be pushed into flower :slight_smile: now have Blackberry kush and Strawberry kush sprouting looking forward to some changes.

Will be running 3 plants in each flower space for next few rounds freeing up space for me to change mother space both it’s location and capacity


Sounds like an awesome harvest to me! You have some big plans for mother space, or making room for other endeavors?


A bit of both it’s more about improving heat retention during winter but also having a dedicated work space, work bench and drying chamber. I under insulated storage area of shed so it doesn’t retain quite enough heat in winter however to add insulation I need to empty space and either sheath walls with styro or double frame walls. At that point I have opportunity to build a less thrown together mother space where dog run was located since misses wants to build dog houses this summer.


Nice! I’ll be sure to tune into that!


less than 3 days :wink: from soak to sprout Strawberry Kush is now part of cycle

I broke the stem on this Blackberry kush during transplant over a week ago you would never guess the way she’s recovering? and her sister

Both were transplanted into an organic supersoil with no burn though growth has been fairly slow SBK will go into promix just to test theory
Seems my theory about misses conspiring to get me back into carving is sound her mother bought me tablesaw and she bought me a compound miter saw lmao That or they both want me to make new cupboards?

almost scared to put these ladies into flower all at once flower spaces would be packed tight think I am going to add 1 to each space today with ladies already in flower? The misses and mother inlaw have kinda force some haste into my mother space mod buying me tools which need dry storage :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha, I’d say they’re dropping some sort of hint for sure!

My wife said she wanted a new car for her bday last year. As a gag gift, I wrapped a broom. Told her she could ride that work, and hopefully get a little more cleaning done. She wasn’t impressed to say the least. Smoothed over when I tossed her a fresh set of keys. I wouldn’t have dared to attempt that without having those keys though.