Purpose Built shed 2017


3 more concrete footing blocks in forms figure 5"x16"x16" should make decent enough post footings all have 4 pieces of rebar in them so not pavers by any measure.
Ladies are all doing their thing shed is still a warzone waiting on clones to root to fire up hydro unit


-2c with a high of 10c the snow will be going the way of the dodo soon fortunately though the nights are still dipping below 0 and will for awhile yet but nice to be able to enjoy the sun outside :slight_smile:


got just the opposite, snow is piling up faster than doodoo from a dodo with diarrhea…fortunately the days are getting warmer and longer, the white stuff won’t last.


rain on forecast today which should help rot more of the snow away actually sat out in lawn chairs yesterday enjoying the sun. Was so nice didn’t think to check on ladies until night and one of my outlets had been unplugged by dog


Everything is happy odd how that leads to me wanting to mess with things lmao. Looking at my shed layout on paper and going I can do better of course isn’t that always the way of things :wink: Just in debate on some conversions. Just because I have to buy some beams at HD for my house lift and plywood for forms so I tend to order anything extra I can think of when paying for delivery


So true. They say “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” But besides that, Rome was built and rebuilt over and over, better each time. That’s how I think of these grow setups…always improving! :v:


I see roots :slight_smile:

Always hate cloning in rockwool but it’s good to keep practiced with it just incase I don’t even need these clones rightnow was a just because thing? All my mothers recovered from my war path

@Countryboyjvd1971 same plants 3 weeks ago


Some nice healthy roots as well sir woohoo


Lmao have a pissed of misses today found spider mites on her roses and they are getting turfed so I don’t risk spreading them to my growroom :skull: So of course she’s far from happy they were growing quite nicely damn bugs


Fry them little bastards.


Actually freezing them they will get few days out in -10c rose may come back but they won’t :wink:


That works too haha


it just makes an example of how easy it is to bring pests into a grow space without knowing it and the importance of being vigilant in what you handle before checking on your ladies


Coconut oil, lecithin and an oz of WW I wonder what I could be up to tonight? might start with 1/2oz use other 1/2 for shatter :wink: Have to do some transplants today


Made about a pound of coconut oil not strong mix just 1/2 oz 6 hr’s in crockpot on low which held temp about 230f for steady 5 hrs wasn’t aiming for potent. Made around another 7 grams of shatter before company arrived have another run to do tomorrow used a blended 70/30 butane propane which proved far more of a handful to recover with extractor it boils at well below 0c unlike straight butane which made it harder to condense and recover.


Buttered a couple of slices of toast with Coco oil was pleasant enough :stuck_out_tongue: decided to store my Hydro units for the summer easier for me to control res temps in winter and predicting a hot humid summer since I have so much to do around house :wink: Also aim to do some mods in shed and far easier to move around plants in pots sorry @jmlove123
Just sprouting some Blackberry kush moving towards multi plants flowering rather than the 1 plant per space I have been running to clear out my space some


@Donaldj it is all good lol my big girls need to hurry it up so I can move my hydro into the tent . Can’t wait to see all your girls grow up.


I love growing in hydro but have 7 plants in soil waiting in the wings which I would like out of the way running my hydro units prolongs that


I’m about to get my feet wet, I hope I like it as much as you @Donaldj I may need your help in the future.
Hope you get your shed the way you like it. It’s always a challenge reorganizing the grow space.


Mine is more about heat in winter under insulated storage side which doubles as a air blending space in winter loses too much heat. Also some simple reconfiguration would gain back work space so I have room to move around