Purpose Built shed 2017


All my tortured plants seem to be coming back to life?

hacked them down to almost bare and 2 weeks later like new ladies :wink:


As we both know… bigger trunks , equals bigger fruits… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


It’s like you’re creating bonsai trees :grinning::+1:


some of them are nearly a year old :wink: kept in frustrated state of why grow this guy comes and cuts us down every time we reach the lights.


But yet they keep bouncing back :grin:


My favorite day of the month harvest day :stuck_out_tongue:
they came out quite pretty I think I like WW?

they didn’t know today was the day :wink:

doesn’t look like a lot how about I add something for scale?

smaller than my thumb they go on the screen :wink:


lol whole point of keeping mother plants clones on demand if they didn’t bounce back the tray is full of cuttings for insurance :wink: I also have seeds for every strain I grow kept stored. Will be cleaning out flower space tonight to throw in Super Skunk then Bubblegum gets seat of honor and cuttings taken to go into hydro unit, I brake for nothing always something ready to go into flower :slight_smile:


Friday night


LOL! Darn near choked on my hit as I read this!! :joy::joy: :disappointed_relieved::rofl:


Pretty much sums up my routine I starve them to keep them getting too large then feed them back to good health they grow until they are just under lights and I take cuttings for clones. This time around I had too many plants in mother space and didn’t really need clones :wink: so mother cut cut back to only the small limbs and shoots under main canopy


well have to go finish up empty res clean space move in SS


Congrats on the healthy looking harvest! I know it’s a long way out from harvest, but looking forward to seeing how your bubblegum does.


I am just loving the bubblegum did some bending on it tonight and the smell is awesome to say the least minty fruity mix :stuck_out_tongue:

and yes it graduated to full veg space


all that remained when lights came on cut them off at base and emptied the space for next

moved into flower space adjusted light track range and bent away

Fed transition mix with silicate leaving light slightly higher to encourage some stretch


Always get an education coming here @Donaldj
Cooking along on all fronts.
That rosin/shatter looks dynamite and that contraption drool2


will be making more soon enough spent today making a glorified humidity dome for my grafting project basically a large self supporting scrog frame wrapped in 6mil poly. Going to need to tidy shed again tomorrow curse of so many things going have to move everything around for different tasks


I hate cleaning. I’m not looking forward to that after I harvest. Necessary evil.


lol…I have the residue of 3-4 projects accumulated that I have been working thru…gotta play pick-up soon or things will get too confusing, very little work space left on my bench.


I have about 6x6 section of open floor all walls are shelves boxes then fill that space with 5 full 5 gal buckets of water 2 27 gal totes (hydro units) which need to be cleaned. Work bench has grafting shroud on it ceiling has plants hanging to dry and every trip in and out I bring snow and dirt :wink: add a bag or 2 of shake then 3 boxes of drying trim on other counter. I have to clean every few days without fail or it is like an episode of hoarders in there
Winter I can’t store as much outside and my water doesn’t run so need buckets filled but will be making some changes this summer which will help putting more things in overhang section insulating inside more


I finally got back here to catch up and wow!

You never cease to amaze, Brother…