Purpose Built shed 2017


Was training day today all around trimmed up my GC trunk before


Root pruned

followed by transplant to some fresh soil figure will take week or so to start reverting to veg I took off most of the buds

I then did a little aggressive bending on my Aero unit

then peaked at my PK which is coming along nicely with nearly a month left to go


Looking good bud!


Just realized I have been slacking on this thread so will do some updates starting with plants which I moved last week

3 days

Have to wait till am to take pics of recent flower space move not disrupting her during transition but my other flowering space is humming along once again playing with light distance

have light at about 16" from tallest Kola may lower another 2" tomorrow just tie kola down some but they are falling under their own weight already so another night might not need to :wink:

my Super skunk at second transplant and first honest feed around 500ppm perked up within few hours the closer one is topped to start mainline training

Crappy picture but Bubblegum has proven to be a challenging strain right from start took over week to sprout and has crawled to it’s second set of leaves much to my surprise. The bag over it is to deal with my low RH in space the Super Skunk was 3x as quick to start and settle in to space


Have to finish my update.
snuck a picture in the dark while lowering light another couple inches

looking purdy
Ok now to the one people will be curios about my aero unit last Friday

Today before a bout of bending

and after

Pistils already starting to form so stretch is almost over but filled screen nicely none the less also lowered light a couple of inches to around 20" will drop it more in a few days hard to explain the UV LEC throws warm to my hand is 10" but bleached leaves at 15" 2 harvests ago by moving light lower too fast :wink: So testing slower adjustment to let plants adapt. Will try and get light into 16" range on my other flower space and move light slightly behind other side so if I see ill signs I can know exact range


Wow, the aero system sure gave them what they wanted!! Great progress @Donaldj


I guess it’s hard to explain how large these plants actually are lmao since photo is always at angle both flowering spaces are 6’x3’x7’6"
plants are around 3’x5’ so my W/FT is around 21 half what I would recommend to others :wink: If I wanted lb per space would run 2 315w or 1 600w and 2 plants every round as it sits I get 4-8oz strain dependent have some low yielders that I just like for smell taste etc. I am also quite subject to my playful nature in that I test and abuse my plants often rather than just babying them


It’s simple really what I love about hydro if they don’t like it I change it no need to flush or wait for medium to get back on point :wink: added airstone to both units which boosted roots some and improves water temps since the air adds warmth :wink: I would love to pair up my lights for 1 grow but would mess with my schedule light movers are working like charm too think once I get lighting range dialed in will get thicker kolas but very hard to explain how green my ladies stay top to bottom compared to HPS even 3’ away and under canopy


Edging light every closer did res change today on aero unit and lowered light couple more inches. Replaced belts on snow blower which was royal pain and took longer than I expected but more snow on forecast so needed to be done


Well it froze overnight which made me replacing door not an option I now have resize door frame since I had cheated and put interior door on while rushing to seal in shed. Which is now swelling and getting stuck so an odd size which I would have to custom order for a steal door, ended up buying 32" door in frame for 160 50 less than the custom door without frame or hardware and 30" is a standard size go figure so need to pull out door frame move stud and header and try to trim siding which is frozen. This all while trying to stop heat puking out of my shed


lol,sorry about that @Donaldj
i put in an old metal door that was insulated.
i was more worried about summer temps…lol
what a diverse range of grows here at ilgm…


Nothing to be sorry about first door was $80 and was meant as temp door so lasted longer than I had expected but the wet warm winter I have had was not expected moisture usually isn’t in air during winter here.


debating making some shatter tonight? Have to check my trichs on PK in flower #1 tonight if it’s close may put extracting off for a few more weeks? should map out how new door is going in


Where I am at today with my light training

14" from canopy no burn will likely raise it 2" to 16" now they are in full bloom don’t want kolas closing distance on me too fast to catch

I would say that’s a full screen or will be in a few days :wink:

My other aero unit just humming along


So much growth on the first pic since I saw the last update a week ago :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:so much goodness happening


My other flower space has entered harvest window on second flush watering tonight at about 80% milky 5% maybe amber be another week to harvest by my guess? Think I have refined my extractor process to nearly perfect my shatter came out rock solid like hard candy


Going to start a slow methodical harvest tonight top kolas first


Did a little topping

just a rough idea of size
still atleast half plant to harvest easily double my last harvest :wink: a couple more days and will harvest the rest just letting it finish a bit more


nice @Donaldj, i like double the harvest!


Real nice! @Donaldj


Gorgeous buds!