Purpose Built shed 2017


I need heat most of the year so not totally ideal for me but still worth testing and building light for when it’s warmer even if they just end up as trimming lighting or yard lights in the end lmao


And how much heat sink is needed for 30w(I want to use 50w).
Also may a direction to what is best from this two

Or this type( both are driverless)


The driver less ones are hot trust me I had temps close to egg frying with thin heat sink they are meant for outdoor spotlights which usually have large metal cases which act as heatsink


Uhhh :sleepy:.
OK and what are best… Them are not have much in description.
Also my room will be fireproof!


The driverless cobs at initial appearance look great. I think what most people realize after getting them is that they more of a fair investment than a good deal. They don’t seem to be very efficient which means more heat watts than light watts. And then you have the added heat of a mediocre at best voltage conversion circuit. You are more or less getting what you pay for performance wise. When you start adding the cost of keeping them cool, the performance per dollar isn’t much different than dumping a ton of cash on a high end cob setup. It costs a lot more, but it also performs a lot better.

When sizing heatsink you need to consider the surface area of the heatsink and whether you’re going to assist with a fan or not. You need a minimum of 4.75 square inches of surface area per watt of heatsink if you plan to cool it with fan. And something like 18.5 square inches per watt of heatsink if you plan on passive cooling.


Good info! I hear you but still don’t have any alternative, I don’t afford to buy a good light and another equipment I need (carbon filter, 2-4 fans, intake fan,A humidifier , something to cool my room).
I don’t have more than 50$ for lights :joy: :joy: :joy:
Any suggestions?


To use as side lighting? You want to buy something done, or Put a little elbow grease into it?


Side lights for flowering stage (at least another 100 real watts) and something for veg stage (2 photo period plant).
And something to build myself because this is the cheapest way!


Gimme a little bit and I’ll post and tag you in diy thread.


Today Mainly sunny. Fog patches dissipating near noon. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 17. Cold wind chill minus 25. Risk of frostbite.
Tonight A few clouds. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 22. Cold wind chill minus 25. Risk of frostbite.
Mon, 25 Dec A mix of sun and cloud. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 18. Cold wind chill minus 27. Risk of frostbite.
Night Cloudy periods with 30 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 19.

Pleasant outside and it looks so inviting watching my dogs playing in the yard lmao


It’s 85 degrees and sunny in South Florida…


@roost1 yea but we have a "cold"front coming thru for Christmas…high in the 70s :slight_smile:


I’ll take it, the summer heat burned up my first attempt



Merry Christmas
I should be mia most of the day



Aero unit just humming along ladies are monsters now will be moving them into flower space this weekend

mostly milky been on flush cycle for about 10 days will be harvesting this Friday which means everything gets to shuffle my other aero unit

to veg space then the Super skunk will get transplanted to 3 gal pots

The space which aero unit is moving from will house SS and this trunk

which I will be leaving some minor foliage on and using as a trunk to graft to would be nice to get all these strains

onto just one plant :slight_smile:


Harvest day or should I say work my arse off day cut every bud above screen then pulled screen. After getting screen and plant out of space the work began

A fast sort shake rattle and roll 3 separate bins shake leaf, rattle larfy buds sugar leafs and basically hash and oil material, roll good buds rolling grade :wink:
I left them like that while I emptied 2 hydro units to shuffle them around moving 1 to flower space and stuffing screen on don’t worry will look better in a day or 2 :wink:

moved other unit into empty veg space

Of course that meant filling two res as well as filling empty space unit was in :slight_smile: I am reverting trunk of harvested plant so it is in mother space with buds yet to be removed

I will trim off all remaining buds leaving some healthy leafs just to help with water transporting as I will be grafting to it after I root prune it and repot in 7 gal
With those chores out of the way I sat to trim

everything drying took a few more pics of my 2 new strains Super Skunk top and Bubblegum in rockwool

Will be transplanting SS to larger pot tomorrow and finishing my trunk cleaning.
don’t expect huge yield my strain of GC has proven to be a hardy but not huge yielding plant with very low stretch but love the taste and smell :wink: also makes good shatter.


Nice @Donaldj enjoy your work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good stuff @Donaldj