Purpose Built shed 2017


Balmy -8f this morning good day to clean shed and mess with my LED’s need to do res change on aero units today trich check on GC which is now in final weeks and holding up production as I try and slow down my aero unit in veg space


Thx a lot… Now I’m building my new room and I don’t want to be disappointed after I choose the dimensions. It’s 230cm(almost 8feet) long and now I need to choose the weidh for that. I think I will go whit 4-5 feet weidh.


build the space to your lights footprint, larger than that is just more environment to control if using hid’s the dead space is for temp control if temps aren’t issue than it may require warming or humidity increase. More volume the harder it is to control at times


Yep, I was not thinking to that :joy:… That is a good point, thx man, you rock!


Now I only have the meizhi 450w (192w) and I’m planning to build some cob’s…that I was asking about your project :+1:.


lol I am still working on heat sinks for them so I don’t burn them out every other grow :wink: Think 35-55w sqft then calculate that into floor space and dimensions which work with a 10-15% overage and don’t limit yourself plan for goals of what you plan to have in the end a temp divider isn’t too complicated a simple plastic sheet even


Oooo don’t stop my friend keep telling me more :star_struck:


I’m planning to build that light individually and put them on the sides, not above, maybe 1 or 2 above… But I don’t know if that is a good Ideea… I will edit a photo and show it to you.


K not ignoring you have to go to town for a bit so be back later :wink: feel free to shoot questions but I can’t share link and basically just playing with COB’s to see what works so not safest advise to offer lmao. Remember my shed is like Frankenstien’s lab :crazy_face:


I don’t order them yet, I know you will not share that if you don’t test it so that is not a problem at all, still want to build them :rofl:
And I know what you have there in your shed :joy: :joy: :joy:… Still, you do a fantastic job.
Can we talk in my thread? I don’t want to hijack yours.
I still have some questions :joy:


it’s fine to ask here this thread lost order long ago lmao it is where I direct people to pick my brain


cleaned shed some did res change on my Aero unit in veg then made another mess cutting and drilling aluminium hoping frame will have enough mass to draw heat from cobs? My test run with 2 cobs and same frame stock with no fan and less surface than frame held temps at around the 130f mark enough to procede to next stage of testing
res change tonight
5ml Gal micro
10ml Gal Bloom
5ml Gal Cal-mag
4ml Gal nutri boost (root booster) 0-0-1 testing product?
Edit ph 5.7 ppm 850
week 5 veg repeat same feeding as needed ladies drinking over 3 L a day now have to stall them some flower space needs another week or more yet


This is where them are located in my plan, also I have the above one


simple Led bulbs would suffice for side lighting cobs need distance or will bleach your ladies


Aren’t cobs known for their penetration too? Getting deeper so not as much side lighting is needed?


I know them are very powerful but I’m thinking to use something smaller (14-30w for there)


yes that they are too intense for close range side lighting


I have 15X30w cobs and trust even a single one would chaos some havoc at close range and they are actually pretty hot was shocked how much of heat sink each needs


I just got quantum boards and I’m looking forward to seeing how well they do!


I agree, that’s not a great application for cobs. There are some other really good options if you’re looking for a fun project. Otherwise like donaldj suggested, some a19 bulbs can do that for you.