Purpose Built shed 2017


@Donaldj yeah if it’s the same shop, I would hesitate also. Freezing your bits off doesn’t sound good either.


well I didn’t do that bad overall except didn’t check steering wheel position when I first put everything together so will need to adjust both tie rod ends or get used to driving with steering wheel at 9:00
Lmao otherwise steering is tight and responsive again ride is very comfy with all new shocks did rear today first change in 100,000 miles would be my guess as I can load the old ones 1 handed to the bottom with no effort.
I used LT shocks which are stiffer and will help my tired springs and make 4x4 fishing trips less bouncy
First reprieve from kid and misses in 3 days so nice and peaceful without X-mas shows on and clackling hens temps dropping and sun going down outside will fix my mess up tomorrow


Well my trip to alignment shop was a bust being able to see under my truck with wheels being turned proved way more work needed if I plan to keep it ball joints and bushings will get a quote but I am pretty much saying at this point truck is worth less than the bill would be :frowning: The work I did improved it’s condition enough for me to drive it till I find a new truck so not total loss

Anyway enough about the crap adding to my stress level I better get back to the plants which help to reduce it :wink:
where to start my GC? is looking quite happy at 5 weeks almost

My Pk is starting to look much better now at about 2 weeks since she started to flower

My aero unit is just rocking I gain inches a day if I am not on top training scary how fast plants are growing

The root porn is just for us hydro guys which just get it :wink:

Can’t show 1 hydro unit without the other :wink:

New unit is working awesome I started with more aggressive mix and it proved itself these rooted cuttings started in unit 6-7 days ago at same size as last unit have visible roots and top growth over a week faster than other unit which is huge difference :stuck_out_tongue:
The seedlings are about 8 days since sprouting and getting tough love to make them hardy low RH cool nights no sense raising weak plants


Looking Sweet @Donaldj Loved the root Porn…


looking good @Donaldj


Damn vehicles will bust you! At least your girls are all up to par.


Going to make space in mother space for Super Skunk and Bubblegum so may try my hand at some grafting today then flower out a couple mothers alongside Aero unit :wink:


Cleaning day in my shed then will play with my LED’s for a while


Do you play whit that cobs you are building? Maybe you can share the stuff you use building that :crossed_fingers:


Actually had to do cleaning today and dump trip followed by picking up a new laser thermometer since I only have flir camera during summer :wink: So spent part of day clearing snow from driveway then loading garbage followed by some shopping at Costco then Home depot. Got home planted my seeds watched a movie with the misses figure will play with lights tomorrow after I sweep shed check my grafts and Aero units


I try not to share untested products or in this case suggest building lights of so so quality


Ok… I already planned to build something similar but the cobs will be independent and placed where the light intensity is weak!
That I was asking for the list of materials :slight_smile:
Maybe you can share after you will test it. Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Update day for the ladies
Aero unit humming along nicely already large enough to be in flower but still another couple of weeks going to need to attack with scissors tomorrow

Pk also moving along

my second Aero unit


-1f with -8f windchill or -18c with -22c wind either way you look at it fricken chilly this morning will have to peak in on the ladies and see how they are faring this morning? Will be getting colder as week goes on so I need to keep an eye on temps to hopefully anticipate a trend for adjusting temps when and if I will need to add heater?


Stay warm up there partner. Weather is pretty good here for this time of year, enjoying while I can. We usually hit negative Fahrenheit a few times during winter months.


my GC is frosting up and fattening nicely will be starting flush soon but seen first hints of Cal def yesterday will need to raise ph some during flush


Aero unit wants to go into a flower space


How big is that space?


never big enough :wink: it’s just shy of 3’x6’9" and 7’ tall the plant in picture is about 28"x40"x18" give or take and will easily fill my 5’x3’ screen in my flower space


I also have a White widow which will be going into flower with it plan to fill entire 6’6"x3’ space this round