Purpose Built shed 2017


how old are the roots in the aero unit?


post 877 10 days ago 890 6 days ago the growth has been trackable daily I actually trained plants down some yesterday and am literally wrapping stems around cage will post pictures of what I mean tomorrow was soldering and working on lights tonight so left camera outside


Ya really got me motivated after seeing your aero unit. Wondering if my higher water temps will have less bad effects in aero than dwc?


Firstly the water temp in my unit is controlled by pumping cycles to warm I run pump longer to cool I run it less but I could just as easily build unit out of a cooler or run sprinkler feed line through a bucket of ice water before it goes to manifold I suspect I would improvise a chiller if needed but honestly yet to need one? I wish I could say it’s an issue I personally had and solved but I know what I would do however wouldn’t work for most since I live in a cooler climate I can simply coil a hose and pump water through it under my shed fall spring and summer or use same coil in a bucket of ice water. The water dose cool considerably as a it sits at floor level? The oxygen levels would be higher than in dwc but bacteria is still a potential hazard though in aero unit easier to sanitize


Still waiting on my White Widow cuttings to root if they don’t I may just start a couple Bubblegum seeds I do however prefer hydro from clones less wait time as plants are already mature enough to flower seeds need a good 2 months before flower clones just need roots.


realised tonight I have a res heater which goes up to 93f will work nice for purging and finishing my shatter :wink:


Well last harvest was 6 oz of A grade .55 grams per watt plus about another 3 oz of sugar and lower grade so not too bad considering the light burn screw up :wink:


Nice haul! How are the Led’s coming along?

On a side note? Have you put eyes on any of the plasma lights yet? Yikes! Seemed hot, weak, and expensive! But I think I have a side job coming :wink:


I had other chores which ate my day so lights got put to the side for a day or 2 not in huge rush with them since I have adequate lighting also best result of any test is a start to finish flower cycle so I have over a month before I need to finish them will get back to them. LEP’s are too costly and require a high ceiling


Yes, I was almost surprised at the apparent performance for the cost. It had never been on the radar, but I assumed they would be more competitive than my uncalculated eyeball told me.


Just lovin it
Most of the info is way advanced and over my head but I digg it @Donaldj just rad dude


I always have to remind myself that PAR is wider spectrum than just what we see and most of what a plant needs is not exactly bright to our eyes. Either way I haven’t met too many who have used them and CMH LEC works on same principal plasma in a double jacketed glass bulb :wink:


I agree, I was careful to add the part about my uncalculated eyeball haha! I did some poking around, and it seems performance is in line as it appeared. According to gavita, their best application is for genetics preservation or veg growth. And must be supplemented with hps for full grow applications. Seems a little ridiculous for the price. Coming from gavita anyway, arguably the first name in hid lighting.

Perhaps the tech will grow as leds did, they were in the same boat at one time. But for now, I’d say you’re assessment was spot on.


Did res change on my aero unit last night will need to watch it for nute burn for few days since I dialed ppm up to closer to 1000 being that they are clones they are far more able to utilize full strength nutrients than say a plant from seed at their size mainly it is the addition of silicate that bumped ppm
25ml Micro 5ml/gal
50ml Bloom 10ml/gal
25ml Liquid Karma (roots) 5ml/gal
10ml Silicate (structure and drought resistance) 2.5ml/g
25ml Cal-mag 5ml/g
res temp 66f ph 5.9 ppm 1050
Have also been training the plants daily
I need to do some shopping today to improve my lab foolishly last night ruined a complete run when it developed muffin top in catch pan and I didn’t vent pressure prior to opening. Made hell of a mess as the butter basically blew out everywhere all over my hands and outside of catch pan was royal pain to clean and mixed with water as it vented. So picking up good timer a hotplate silicone scrapers more iso since took me a bottle to clean unit after my screw up fortunately still just running shake lmao


I know they can perform but at their cost they should be able to work start to finish with no supplementation and less heat let alone needing a distance further than 2’ they should have larger footprint imo.


a few days later :wink:

Slow and steady

nice little 5 gram run have times figured out now and have figured out trick to recovering bulk of my butane still over 1/2 lb to run yet barely ran 2 oz today got late start after about 5 hr’s running around in town will likely run another 4oz tomorrow then tinker with lights again


That light will rock your plants :joy::+1:
If she works maybe you can write a list whit everything we need to build something similar?
That are something like this?
It’s 1$ per 100w(15$ 150w) work whitout a driver or something else, just a fan and a heat sink.


As I keep saying more about testing than a dedicated light because I actually need heat in my space so I won’t be running it until spring unless it produces heat :wink: Will likely spend days building it yet as I get free time today finished changing tires and swapped battery on my truck just getting ready to head to shed to run extractor for rest of the day


Ok sunday up date
Week one of flower for my PK she’s finally starting to bloom after almost 2 weeks
Todays feed
25 ml Micro
50 ml Bloom
25 ml Calmag
25 ml Sweet
1 tsp Bud blood
around 1200 ppm ph 5.9
will water twice this week with this feed than a ph’d water
followed by ppm jump next week

Did some training on my Aero unit


root porn

figured it was time to update some pics of mothers too

first of my WW clones has roots need one more so I can fire up other Aero unit.
And of course todays butter

Guessing about 10-11 grams off the 4 oz of shake I had left very oily compared to my CR extract but now have times and temps down and 3.5 oz of PK which may or may not be next for my lab ??


looking great @Donaldj