Purpose Built shed 2017


I would try some of the products but not able to buy or order many in Canada as such you learn to adapt and that many of the extras are just that extras GH flora series has been around since man went to the moon so clearly it works and has changed very little. There are so many recipes and variations Lucas Formula being widely known and simplest 1 part micro 2 parts bloom no grow except at start of veg but not even needed if Cal-mag is added in most cases but each strain is slightly different


Very nice!


Feed day on my GC in flower space 2
last round I under fed GC testing Maxi series this round my plants are already progressing nicer less stretch faster transition tighter node spacing and yes same genes I grow from clones and mother plant :wink: This means once I get a strain figured out the results good or bad are directly related to my actions not genes
the Bud blood added last week did it’s job and ignited bloom with no nute burn and almost no stretch maybe an inch or 2 over week?
This feeding is more balanced
30ml Micro
60ml Bloom
25ml Cal-mag
1/2tbsp Mol
ppm 1450
ph 5.9
I mix five gallons which will be 2 feeds roughly 3 days apart if plants show poor response excess leaf loss I feed again slight burn I water sans nutes between if all is well I water to get run off test for next cycle of feed. Raising or lowering ppm as needed goal is 16-1700ppm by week 5 then I start to lower ppm roughly 300 a week introducing Dry Koolbloom week 7 followed by nothing but water weeks 8 through finish depending on run off and development


Dropped by hydro shop today kinda as I had figured and heard rumor of they are no longer able to sell or procure seeds welcome to the world of pre legalization this is when government goes hey we want our piece. Wasn’t there for seeds was just pricing out spare parts for my extractor but crappy news none the less


@Donaldj great tutorial on your hydro cloning machine! :+1::clap: get that patented and make fortune! I have learned a lot and I thank you for your dedication. I read you are not in a legal state. Don’t worry the federal govt has more to worry about. Why would they try to throw their own in jail? Then their own taxpayers need to pay for housing jail. We need to worry about invaders or worse. Nuclear war with Korea?


Great thread. It took me two nights to read it and I’ll read it again. Just a wealth of information.


I try to keep it interesting but mostly a sounding board for me to bounce my thoughts off


Have been doing a methodical harvest of my CR figure will finish it up today or tomorrow? so far have doubled first days trimming guessing already have 4 oz drying but until dry never really know? Still have roughly 1/3 of plant left to harvest though trim level will be grade dependent anything lower grade gets added to my trim for my learning runs with extractor unit not a Rosin press it’s lab grade equipment so will have to learn before I am sure of results each time :wink: sourced dry ice


I really want to try the dry ice method sometime, if I can get dry ice shipped here. @Donaldj


closed loop vac extraction can be done with normal ice but is slower and dry ice is good source of co2 boost so can be used for multi tasks if I choose


week 2 of flower week 3 of scrog screen filled up nicely and nodes are staying nice and tight

a little root porn for my hydro friends

the mesh in unit serves 2 purposes keep pump clear longer and lets roots stay out of water longer :wink:

training starts early around these parts

First 24hr’s since screen so I did some more training will be training daily until stretch ends

Just the trunk off my CR want to check out the roots after I get my buds off drying rack and space cleaned back up from trimming and drying my Extractor is in town held up at customs for weekend


Thanks for the pics @Donaldj! Super appreciated. Will those in the bucket/tote stay that close together until maturity? Or will you move them?


LoL it’s a 27 gal tote so 16"x 36" give or take the frames built into net pots let me train easily and also will serve to support scrog once the time comes so more than enough root space and option to train plants away from each otherI am not worried about crowding. At this point the true advantage of hydro will become really obvious as my growth even in last few days is surprising but biggest factor I can flip these ladies any time I want because they are already mature plants with preflowers :wink:


Didn’t realize it was 36”. That should be plenty big. Pictures can be deceiving. All out likes. @Donaldj


Just a few shots of the root ball off my CR as you can see by end of flower even a 5 gallon bag gets pretty cramped my PK is in 7 gallon smart pot and starting off slightly larger already


just a little tunage as I do my homework on LED’s again always seems more to study lmao


today 2:55 PM
Package received by carrier
2:13 PM
Initiated customs clearance process
12:12 PM
Package arrived at a carrier facility
Saturday, November 25
11:44 AM
Customer nominated third-party customs broker has been notified of shipment arrival
12:46 AM
Package arrived at a carrier facility
Redmond, WA US
Friday, November 24
11:28 AM
Customs Clearance delay
xxxxxxx, BC CA
6:45 AM
Completed customs clearance process

Talk about a bounce around this package was even scanned at the airport in my town then got sent back for customs turn around after being cleared at boarder customs at the airport had to have their say too. Ask me again why I tend to buy everything locally? because our fricken customs policies can bite me in the arse anytime :stuck_out_tongue: but by the looks of it finally straightened out and on it’s way 10-12hr drive away


Worked most of the day got home to some mail :slight_smile: my COBs came in and my Bubble Gum and Super Skunk order both took nearly a month to arrive lmao considering I live in a central Hub orders and mail always seem to take their sweet time getting here I had all but gave up on the seeds. Hopefully my luck holds out for rest of the week


Curious to see how the cobs turn out. @skgrower has been working on some of the driverless cobs, but 50 watt I believe. The efficacy seems a little on the lower end than what I’m use to, so I’ve been a little cautious to grab any. Hopefully they will work out well for you!


At around $2 each I figure if they die on me no big deal if they work and give decent results will consider investing in drivers and better chips but it is simply a cheap test to see if a person can build usable light for low budget and minimal expertise. I am still debating parallel or series wiring and will be adding dimmer to under drive them waiting on heat conducting gel. I don’t actually need the light so is quite literally a experiment lmao
Don’t worry will be picking your brain later if I choose to build better ones for summer in winter I actually need heat so will favor my HID’s