Purpose Built shed 2017


Lol the bleached leaves will prove to be a yield killer for sure with about 2-3 weeks left I have already started to reduce nutes but the reduction in leaves will equal a slower water consumption. I am so far winning my battle with the cold which never hindered flower spaces any but played havoc with my mother space mostly in a good way slowing growth rates and water consumption need my hydro unit to show positive signs of growth before I can mess with installing my 400w mh. At this point the fact the clones in it haven’t wilted or died is about only sign they are rooting but would prefer fresh growth or to see some roots :wink: Ended up off work early yesterday so framed in my deck for sunroom or atleast to temporarily act as sunroom and dry storage. Trying to figure a way to place the 2 7’x6’ windows myself I framed mainly to install them in a safe place at about $1000 each I would love to keep them intact and how better tha to put them to use? Just need to figure a way to install them at over 200lbs each and them being rather large to handle solo :wink: It was quite the chore framing for them as my deck didn’t have a plumb level or square post on it lmao fortunately this a is a temp install or I would’ve ended up fixing deck too


Nothing is level here in Alaska either. Especially older homes. They built it with whatever they found laying around. @Donaldj


I do grasp that concept lmao I have to jack my whole house when I bought it I raised 1 side 3" to get floors and house even half level all the doors windows even addition was built to match so had to rehang doors but will need to come back off foundation to replace all the broken cinder blocks


Are you done for the season @Donaldj


not quite done still another roof to finish hopefully this week then helping side company shop which could take week or 2 maybe more? but is cash work so worth it. Was only home today because carpenters were taking care of wood work for us, worked well for me tracked down my buddy and got a hand getting windows into place took us less than an hour even with the super crooked deck


update day :slight_smile:

Screen filling quite nicely will need to thin her out some but she’s still stretching I expect will see true flowers by Sunday?

My PK bouncing back to life after transplant and vigorous LST session she’s already bigger than the GC which just started flower

400w MH in place and hydro unit still in the wait and see clone starting phase the fan in picture moves the heat from what used to be my cloning space and now has light in it down towards plants while still moving air for plants will see how it works in a few days? it feels warmer to me but only first day and had only 2 lights on will have 3 on overnight and late into morning

combo of light burn and 7 weeks of flower yellowing my fan leafs they should be finished in next week or so and are currently being flushed


Those colas though @Donaldj!! Amazing…


so glad I got windows in yesterday back to work today will see about putting sliding glass door in after work? have to check my overnight temps this morning to see if adding 400 did the trick or not? worked like a charm 70f in ambient space snowing now so in holding pattern won’t amount to much temp is too cold just fine powder


Temps are going to warm next few days so put my 400w on timer after noticing temp climb adjacent space can’t raise past 70 or flower spaces hit 80 so like a fine balancing act I play with fan speed damper and light schedule to find happy medium current setting has light turning off when veg and flower light overlap then coming back on early morning during coldest hours for roughly the 4hr’s before main veg space turns off raising temps briefly then hopefully holding them until early evening :wink:


Happy Anniversary @Donaldj Thanks for all you do on here.


Happy Anniversary

I wish there was more than just saying thank you my friend

Thanks for being there to help us figure this hobby out


Meytal Cohen is a monster on those drums @Donaldj! She also did a couple years in the Isaeli Defense Forces.


the timing changes this guy pulls off are sick :slight_smile:


All ready for the snow my deck is now a sun room with 2 sides entirely windows think I have remastered my temps in shed if it snows it is going to be heavy with warmer temps. My CR is almost ready to harvest giving her another week just to flush more now I need to figure out where to hang my speed co-ordination and heavy bags how I cope with stress and cabin fever my gym membership expires in Dec and too far away to bother when I have weights and boxing gear to stay in shape :wink:


Since you are all snowed in… I tagged you to a grow that I need you to let me know what you think. PM for more info if you want. @Donaldj


Not a day too soon lmao snow is coming down heavy outside which I am meeting with mixed emotions of relief and concern?
Will mean more time to tend to my ladies and organize my shed better but also means lower income muddy wet dogs slower travel
My sunroom has so far proven 2 uses dry storage and it reduces road noise at my desk


how far is the shed from the house? How much snow do you guys usually get?

Thanks for catching up on both of those for me. @Donaldj


Close enough to be easily monitored far enough that any issues would be easily confined the road noise comment is since my property backs onto a highway.
It changed from snow to rain but usually we have around 2-3’ by end of Dec


update day
think I will start with a little bud porn :wink:


maybe a week left until harvest? if that ready to go now if I had time
next the new scrog in progress

Bonsai anyone?

Thinned and trained first week after flip and gave first trigger feeding
8ml micro
16ml bloom
5 ml liquid koolbloom
5 ml Cal-mag
1/4 tsp bud blood
ppm 1400 ph 5.7

315 LEC 3100k on light rail 20" movement at 20" height
temps night 60f day 73-79f rh 30-40%
bud blood should trigger more nodes but this strain GC has been a short compact tight node spacing and tends to like higher ppm

My PK after recovering from transplant to 7 gal and some heavy training happily waiting for my CR to get harvested so it can fill it’s own screen this is my last mother being retired next couple cycles will be hydro grows as I now have my mother plants back down to size

my hydro unit is taking it’s time starting but finally seen signs of new growth from it

The yellowing of plants in mother space was actually result of cold temps as I was trying to balance warm days and icy nights now temps are dialed back in new growth is healthy :slight_smile:


Buds are looking super frosty!