Purpose Built shed 2017


So far not overly impressed with go box I suspect would be just fine for soil but using feed chart and given my large res wouldn’t have enough to go start to finish also current ppm 650 at 3/4 dose and foaming and root staining within a day. At 250ml part A&B per res change this will be a short experiment but enough to tell me if it works better beauty of hydro if you don’t see results in a week you know what to expect and it should have advangate given that clones are well rooted and were showing good growth prior to res change.The ladies under screen are on their first 12/12 cycle under LEC with 2 weeks of training during veg My other flower unit is month ahead but between power outages blown bulbs looks like it’s been in flower a week ;( far from promising would revert but already trained into screen so if anything would just end up killing them.


Payday tomorrow get to see if busting my arse this month paid some bills also should be able to pick up new bulb to test my ballast (under warranty :wink: )

has been thunder storm after thunder storm all day picked up most of my order this morning was a process and exercise in patience like going to the funny farm missed items wrong items and colours was laughable because I didn’t have a roof torn open waiting but took almost 2 hours for everything to get straightened out. Had they delivered it to me I would’ve snapped since I was picking it up I just shook my head and fixed order.


When people ask me why I use 1 hydro shop almost exclusively here is why I had a LEC bulb blow last week they lent me a used bulb because they have none in stock I go in today to buy 2 bulbs first words were was it in that fixture? I answered yes second words bring it back for full refund our display model blew 2 bulbs and we are returning all the fixtures :wink: now in retail most places simply say go through manufacturer for warranty :stuck_out_tongue: basically saying your problem sucker but being a place that values their reputation and clients it’s don’t risk another bulb in it. Now honestly I was pretty sure I had fried it but according to them they are designed like Gavida DE and will only run certain brands of bulbs that was the spiel they gave on the phone lmao so here I am boxing up a $455 fixture I thought for sure I killed to go get my money back I’m a happy customer :slight_smile: and more willing to spend an extra buck here and there at said store.
The lesson here is super simple loyalty trumps cash any day and usually nets a return by them eating a buck or 2 they make it more likely I come back rather than going to closest hydro shop even if there’s a price difference.
Either way I am heading back to town for my refund and likely to cause more chaos


Totally happy got new ballast new bulb and $68 back :joy:


that is the good thing about having an in town hydro store…people who care!


lol IKR? totally could’ve just said that sucks contact the company that makes it


Should be a fun night setting up lights again and changing res on flower unit


Glad it worked out bud👍


It most certainly did I got rid of my only ballast built in fixture which also was only non dimmable didn’t have to fork out more money for bulb. I set it up in the veg space confirmed the bulb I thought was ok was in fact dead


Repaired Carb on my chainsaw was planning to mow lawn again but storms rolling through again so waiting for power to go out again


Same here. Big old nasty clouds rolling in!


Power stayed on :slight_smile:
So have decided I am going to save remaining go box nutrients for next soil round Ph in my DWC is requiring daily adjustment and it foams so will not be using any time soon for DWC going to change out res today going back to Maxi series I have almost go it dialed right in to where I want it more stable and roots seemed to really like it :wink:
First clear looking day in nearly a week so will clean shed yard do some gardening and try to get lawn mowed and saw running suspect fouled plug at this point


lawn about 90% mowed garden planted except 1 small section and veg unit res change done test was a flop my res was full of slime and ph needed daily adjustments not exactly my kind of product


I know you guys love music this was a band that I found when I went out to Arizona seen them live and they were selling their CDs at the little bar it is a crazy ass band but they’re pretty funny now is The only album I have




I still have the CD that says green Jell-Ob Green Jell-O cake that still does listen to it today’s ago yesterday I had a listen to some Allman Brothers went to great was laid to rest


@Donaldj or @bob31 Did you know the Maynard from tool and Persifer and a perfect circle and whatever the hell else is in he is one of the three little pigs ha ha little fun fact



That’s so funny I was listening to Peaches :peach: earlier