Purpose Built shed 2017


Yeah I’m still shocked that Chris Cornell passed such a bummer


@Donaldj I wait a answer from a post in my thread. Maybe you have time later.


Well power outage last night caused more chaos than I thought cost me $130 bulb and the ladies an extra night in the dark damn power surge BS
SO made trip to get a couple surge protectors will have to get the bulb tomorrow


dang @Donaldj,that is not good!
those surge protectors are a good investment for sure. i have all of my equipment on them…lol
sorry about the extra woes my friend, didn’t you just buy that bulb or was it another?
i am going to water this morning with an adjusted ph to 6.3-6.5 we will see how that goes…no problems with plants,i just want to get the full potential out of them…lol
have a good one don!


3-4 weeks old I am more than a little miffed at myself what I need is to take batteries out of timers so they stay in off position after power goes out if they re-strike too fast kills them every time.


6 days of clear sunny weather I won’t be around too much will be trying to make up for all the crappy lost days at work the roof we are on is a real fun one with 3 distinct layers of tin styro then tar@gravel to tear off before we can put on new roof. Meaning double the labour and time needed also first hot days of the year all over 24c with uv index of high fortunately will still get cool at night


Lmao you know your hydro shop likes you when they have no bulbs in stock so loan you the one out of their display until new bulbs come in. I think I will buy some spares this time but surge protectors should cut power if it surges until I manually reset them?


yes they will keep the surge from frying your equipment! lol and will stay off until you reset them…



just a few update pics of 2 ladies working into screen and my clones 2 weeks into veg unit lights should be flipping shortly hopefully loaner bulb works or will have to hook up hps ballast and bulb was a long day at work would not be happy with that chore


Loaner bulb didn’t work so had to set up HPS working again today hopefully not another 11hr day but hard to say and we are fighting with this job every inch already have 2/3 done but only because the weather has been hot. So not so pleasant to work in it’s been in the high 70’s with UV index of 6 and this roof involves removing tin fiber board polystyrene peel and stick all before removing loose gravel then tearing off the tar&gravel so everyday has been 5-6hrs tearing and prep followed by another hour of wood work before even starting to roof. Typical tear off is around an hour max 2 and covering 2-3 times as much even if we get it all torn off and covered today we will still have another day just in site clean up and finishing details :wink:
and my lawn needs another mowing thanks to all the sun :rage: have been training all my ladies last few days the warmer weather has been making my DWC units explode making me debate winters in soil summers in hydro lmao


Manged to get home by 3pm boss gave up on idea of finishing and at an 8hr day already didn’t mind got home and fired up lawn mower only a few little spots to finish and running the trimmer. I am pretty much fried at this point taking a break before picking my next task Garden trimmer or shed? I think I need to drink on it?


6 am my uncle called shortly after I posted last night which meant a rushed shower and scaling out 6 oz and pretty much an end to my day lmao. Have a roof inspection to do today so should have time to get back to my garden and my shed revamp. Just putting a counter in for dog space then going to close in under it with fencing and bug mesh to keep dogs in more controlled space and their pesky dog hair out :wink: temps got pretty hot the other day into the 80’s so sped up fan will check readings this evening not big fan of adding AC but have a unit if needed?


going to change up air intakes today as well going to 3" abs pipes in each space will increase air and also be easily covered in winter


temps are starting to pick up and exposing the gaps in my temp control though increasing vent size has drastically improved temps I may have to put second flower space on 12/12 sooner than I had planned to fight heat so 3 lights are not on at same time :wink: also time for me to start looking into chilling my res’s my roots are loving the warmer temp but it could run away on me easily. Have been so damn busy with work and my yard neglecting my ladies and work on my shed after hours outside in the sun working in my shed is last thing I get to. Finally started planting in my garden last night the misses may yet get into gardening but isn’t quite there yet :wink: I only have garden around 50% planted and won’t be surprised if very little takes this season very hot soil. It is a long term plan so not super concerned if only a few things take this year I didn’t want to sink money into top soil till end of season when prices drop :wink: This year is just about turning the sand in my yard into something more than weeds will grow in killing off all the weeds and making it so I can start earlier next year 600sqft of garden this year and will double it next year and may even throw in green house?


I bought a nutrient go box from Green Planet for $60 just to test out new nutrient line was cheap so easy to do a side by side with My Maxi series and included all the boosters and goodies at about same price point though Maxi series will last for several grows. Not promoting product! just familarizing with another product line and testing like any good grower should lmao will post pictures when I unbox later since I am in DWC I will do first res change with it today as directed for week 4 veg since my clones are already happy at 7-800 ppm this will lower my res temp since fresh water and they will have a 5-6 weeks to show potential in veg


i’ll be interested in seeing that don… sixty bucks is a bargain…do there products regulate ph?


no to ph regulation but 10 separate bottles and a thing of enzyme capsuls


Did res change yesterday and penned in dog area under my table/bench in shed no more eating my plants :wink: was in a rush with thunder storms forecast and mother in law on way but will try and post pics and notes after work today? Had to do up order for my sister in law’s roof which of course I was reminded (asked about) by the mother lmao. That meant hunting through old notes for all the right measurements and writing up a list since I don’t like to use PC during thunder storms my new bulb should be in by end of week fingers crossed it isn’t ballast too if so under warranty but time lost waiting for replacement?
Have to meet a crane at job site this morning but still should be early day since weather is no good


Got materials ordered lastnight for next shingle job of course never fails that the colour wanted they don’t have enough in stock so being a smart roof I won’t take their back stock and wait for 66 bundles I want all off same production run :wink: Power went out again for an hour lastnight as yet another series of thunder storms rolled through cable and internet came back on this morning