Purpose Built shed 2017


Lol they don’t like vibration too much and with me building overhang and shed still off level and settling?
I don’t mind too much that I had excuse to buy final LEC ballast and fixture for the space just would’ve prefered to buy it at later date and in 2 more days would’ve simply swapped bulbs from my other flower space which will be shut down for month anyway :frowning:
I can say one thing for sure even as an experienced grower sht happens and we just have to roll with it no one can accuse me of not being transparent in my grows I share both my issues and successes equally


It’s Jack in the box :stuck_out_tongue:
the ladies below are all flushed and ready to go :slight_smile: tomorrow

My Crown royal baby in with the mothers


No banana for scale 12-14" kolas way easier to trim than screen was :frowning:


that is awesome @Donaldj!


Wasn’t entirely wasted weekend I did manage to harvest Friday, burn some more garbage last night had to get piles out of the way since dogs keep running through them even with nails poking out. Also had to feed mothers and change res on Veg unit so was already mobile.
Veg unit res change
1/2 tsp Gallon Maxi Grow
1 ml L Nutri Boost (stress and root health)
530 ppm Ph 5.9
Added Bud blood to Flower unit


@Donaldj’s work is never done!lol


Not kidding there buddy still have another pile of lumber to move to back yard to burn yet gate to fix overhang on my shed to enclose but the pile is priority so I can fill the hole from removed shed with gravel. I’ll fight through feeling like crap to get it done today


Lol Well the pile won round 2 ended up driving to hospital for updated shots and stitches just a few which I found laughable since I cut myself worse all the time and don’t bother with stitches


dang @Donaldj, duct tape butterfly…lol i wished i was there to help you don,i know this has been a struggle for you…


Good job @Donaldj very good job! Let me know what do you get from them.


taking them out of rack today but will give you a better number in a week once angels get bulk of their share


Trimmed mothers and reset timers from today brief power outage during dark cycle so no foul :slight_smile: My PK mother is almost mature the RTF Blueberry my Uncle gave me is over fed so not a viable mother yet too much N very nice lady otherwise. My Crown Royal is about ready for it’s first topping no rush I have 5 strains to play with and only need cuttings once a month lmao if I keep strain collecting I am going to need a new shed



First long weekend of the season coming up and the weather is looking awesome even if the lakes and rivers are still icy cold lmao, will be my first real test of my shed’s hot weather temps which will let me know what adjustments need to be made if any


the world lost another great artist to depression :frowning:



Looking real good @Donaldj really nice read so far bro. Keep up the amazing growing😃


was a long and productive day fixed fence and built larger gate on driveway planted few blueberry shrubs


Have decided to do a hybrid growing setup using soil in one flower space and hydro in the other since I am running monthly harvest this lets me have 2 month veg time on my hydro unit and my soil plants. Rather than keeping mothers for prolonged duration I will flower 2 oldest plants in soil taking clones before flowering


Hopefully today will be my last big yard cleaning shuffle have only a few more boards left to burn from old shed and things to move under overhang on new shed used about 90% of my old tin pile to clad bottom of my fence in front yard so we could let our toy dog out without fear. Only have garbage tin left now to get rid of which I can easily fit into work trailer. I should have time to do shed clean up and some minor alterations to empty flower space and mother area today :slight_smile:


Got everything cleaned up a little bit of mowing and trimmer work to be done but atleast yard is now on to a routine instead of pure chaos 1 more dump trip to get rid of the non burnable moved 2 plants into second flower space to adjust to screen and light for next 2 weeks before I flip. Will give shed a nice cleaning tomorrow since I just got inside at 10 pm and need time to sort and tidy but already was a long enough day for me.