Purpose Built shed 2017


Lmao no was all good the misses was a little miffed how long I was chatting for since we tend to go to bed early and rise early was chatting with Latewood until nearly 10 and living in small house she couldn’t turn up TV lmao. We will see if I can handle the workload or not but I am just doing more or less what I do anyway just with a bit more recognition from staff and a few extra rules and tasks :wink:
Have had thunder storms most of the day so may not be able to chat tonight don’t like leaving computer on during storms


I did manage to get posts up for my 7’ overhang on my shed place to store lawn mower and the big pile of tote boxes I have sitting outside atm rafters and tin will be easy enough in a day just need to pick up more lumber tomorrow after work 2"x6" and 1"x4"s easily grabbed with work truck get that built and what remains of old shed can be torn down


long day at work I had expected since it was raining would call it a day but did have crane to meet and rain was dissipating by the time crane left so we went to do some repairs for an hour after which weather was improving which turned into we are here anyway lets give it a try 6 to 6:30 and will be simply replacing tin flashings and off loading roof tomorrow possibly a quick repair :slight_smile: but only need to work few hours tomorrow which is good because calling for 10-15mm with thunder storms. Just going to be glad to get off this roof I hate commercial jobs days and days of the same site busy traffic noise houses are 2-3 days and off to the next. No coordinating with HVAC techs Electricians waste management store employees back to quiet little houses for a bit.
I may push through the rain and try to get my overhang done or simply harvest a day early if it’s too ugly?
Ladies are ready to go for a nice uplifting high :slight_smile:


Well they were certainly right about thunder storms we had everything done nice and early so I came home to work on overhang rafters up strapping started then got nailed by the rain which turned into trying to keep dogs calm during thunder storm which hung around for easy hour or 2? So figured what the heck may as well harvest scrog 4 hours later finally done trimming I got frustrated after a couple hours and more and more went to trim bin lmao figure around 7 oz not too bad for true 315 watt grow pretty sure I will have better run with my next round of scrog since will be in hydro and better grasp of what the strain likes higher ppm 8-9 full weeks of feeding before they start to ripen not the 6-7 I stopped feeding too early :wink: My DWC unit that is currently in flower has way nicer buds but only around 12 kolas so I only expect a few oz from it the Blueberry in it it pretty much ready to harvest giving it extra week sorry no pictures was on a mission and sticky resin covered gloves don’t go well with camera
Will clean up space tomorrow raise platform some then move Veg unit :wink: and start screen training also fill new veg unit with clones keeping cycle going.


Yeah imagine doing it for about 60 hours straight it rained last week but we needed it but not the flooding


Post some pictures my friend I love seeing your stuff premo growers


lol trimming isn’t so bad with company whole reason I was testing single and triple Kola plants in my DWC unit was to avoid hours sitting in a chair picking at buds. Way easier to trim main kolas top to bottom bud if weights are close between both spaces I will have to consider which I like more lmao :wink: will do photo’s tomorrow back is telling me it’s had enough for one day and everything is sleeping atm except mothers and clones.


Where to start?

my overhang is finished so effectively increased my storage space enough to get most of the non essentials out of my shed
Cleaned my flower space and added veg unit with screen not so delicately paced on it raised everything no more kneeling to check ph added clones to new veg unit I expect they will look like crap for a few days as they thrive or die in lower humidity.
just what remained after harvest

3 screens like that not hanging my dogs are shedding they stay cleaner in mesh

the last part of old shed waiting to be emptied and removed

Gaurd dogs 1 2 3


todays to do list empty piece of crap shed moving everything to where I can access it in backyard then level it Res change on My 8 weeks in flowering unit :slight_smile: which should be ready to harvest in next week.Grocery shop then pick up work truck try and burn some more of my shed on the plus side will have a load of gravel to start filling the hole where shed was maybe 2 tomorrow? Will get some pictures of ladies in the screen tonight tooks some yesterday but they all were green? so will look at tonight as day 1 under screen since will have been their first 12hr light and sleep schedule as well as first 1100 ppm bloom feeding pondering a light schedule change in veg space as summer is around the corner after interesting convo with Latewood lastnight it’s tweaked my interest and may be big benefit since I don’t want to run AC in summer I had planned on changing to veg on at night but not increasing dark cycle now thinking of 14/10 16/8? Lmao.


Lmao didn’t quite get whole shed torn down and burnt between grocery shopping the truck load of metal that was inside it to get dropped off at scrap yard and the Mother in law swinging by :rage:
But it is all laying on the ground from being pulled over with my truck :slight_smile:


day 1
Day 2 I expect they will take a week to get into swing of life under the screen

and the recent transfers in Veg unit


I changed up arrangement slightly my screen is just under chest height and will be raising the light 6" today after it cools
Start weight BB in cure 2.98oz GC needs another day or 2 in rack before curing but my guess now is about 6oz total after the angels share.
so I can do some quick math 170gr from single 315w is under weight at 1.88w a gram admittedly I under fed as I was learning new light new space and strains could easily have bumped ppm during weeks 3-6 had no tip burn and they had no def entire flower period :wink:
My ppm in new flower unit is 1100 and will be raising it 100 a week until they tell me otherwise end cost on the 6 oz is tricky but will try and est. Roughly 100 on electricity 60 on nutes 30 on airstones bulb life pump wear filter life and fan wear so roughly $33 an oz to grow :wink:
With a few tweaks to ppm which I got to learn in my flowering DWC unit which will be ready to harvest this week :slight_smile: light height I expect roughly 2-3oz increase on second round :wink: under screen 30-40% just based on how my flowering DWC unit did without screen and with light burn and few deficiencies early.
Who says stoners don’t do math lmao


Adjusted veg unit for root encouragement added 5ml Gal LK 2ml gal nutri boost and 2ml Gal silicate ph 6 without adjustment
Raised light on flower unit to 18" Checked on flowering DWC unit all but single plant are ready to flush so will progressively lower ppm through week to speed ripening and get decent flush.
Also going to change veg light cycle to 14/10 with warming weather and lower light later in week as ladies get used to it they need roots in water first :wink:


Have been fighting with a bulb addapter for a couple of weeks and lastnight it decided to quit working so will replace either fixture or addapter today after work


well,at least it will be new and you won’t have to fight with old one anymore…that really does not help when you have plenty of other things to do though…
have a good day @Donaldj


Lol ladies have been in the dark 24hr’s now and adapter gave me grief right out of the box and may have killed $130 bulb on it’s way out so was more than a little peeved about it last night. Odds are if I can get proper fixture would be my first choice and hoping there are some in stock at this point or would need to wait on order forcing a plan B for a week or so


Well I decided to eliminate my frustration and picked up new fixture ballast combo and adapter as it turned out was the bulb itself causing the grief


well now you know what was going on at least…lol


lol costly though I will say that 130 for a bulb and the new fixture was 450 so not a cheap fix will order proper socket and new bulb and have my 3 Lec’s running in a week or 2 replacing my 400w MH in veg space. Wasn’t worth taking pics my ladies were in the dark 36hr’s so no real growth of value :wink:


sorry to hear about all your mechanical failures and added expenses! :cry:

Your garden is always something to envy when you have the pieces in place and the shed is outstanding…pet your puppies for me when you have a chance, they all look overworked.