Purpose Built shed 2017



Another 12hr work day just popping in to check weather before starting my bonfire :slight_smile:


getting it done @Donaldj be careful burning!


Lol at over 50 yrs old it burned like paper as fast as I could feed the fire only have one wall and floor left to burn but wanted it to die down before coming inside so only fed fire for couple hours the rest will go easily enough tomorrow when I have all day :wink: checked on ladies due for water but harvesting one tomorrow so will water the other in the am when I’ve had some rest


no order no rhyme or reason to the photo’s lmao harvest day and selectively havesting so still 1/3 of plant in the screen

since I was selectively taking buds nothing long enought to justify hanging once I set up table and trim bin barely had room for my seat smells awesome within an hour of cutting the Blueberry scent was popping

Picked up 6 new totes and 4 more air stones new plant tray and some more Boveda packets the smaller buds will get another couple days to ripen then will harvest them this will help keep drying more even


Cleaning day today shed smells awesome love Blueberry could easily grow this strain every cycle if not for variety needs the scent is so nice though.


Veg unit res Change 100ml Aussie tonic 50ml Cal Mag 5 tsp Maxi Grow ppm 550 ph 5.9 27 gal res the low ppm is intended for the clones I will be moving to unit this weekend. 8/8 on my cuttings managed to clean up some of my clutter and finish tearing apart old shed 4L and a strap made quick work of old floor joists all that’s left is a half wall and a hole to fill the rest is just a matter of a bonfire or 2
Purchased 4 new stones and more air lines to make a new DWC unit will problem solve screen supports through the week and be back at digging my garden have to clone a Lilac yes that’s right you can clone other plants too lmao


worked 5hrs before I got rained out so being the type of person that can’t resist making more work for himself picked up another 4 yards of compost only after I dumped it did I think to myself I am too tired to dig today lmao.


My veg unit did some breaking to get them ready for flip in next week or so?

Why I love hydro these are the same 2 strains that I have under my scrog the buds are nearly twice the size I have been dialling down their nutes they are currently at 800ppm from close to 1400 they will be on straight ph’d water to begin flush this week

Same strains in soil Promix

My PK almost ready to be called a mother

My Blueberry strain B

few clones with roots coming right out the top of pods

Better angle on my DWC flower unit

and just some root porn with the fresh clones sorry for the lack of order in photo’s am tired long day at work and didn’t feel like typing on my phone :wink:


Congratulations on your promotion. I am seeing yellow in your grow.:slight_smile:


Thnx buddy


Hey hey @Donaldj nice Lil avatar there! Congrats man you will be a tremendous asset to the forum.


It won’t change much who I am and how I get around on forum it’s a spiffy new tag :wink: still just loving the grow and hoping I can help others feel the same way about growing as I do just means may need to watch my potty mouth more lmao.


Man they are all looking so nice keep up the great work


Thnx I will be harvesting rest of screen this weekend they are almost perfect then putting veg unit in under scrog 2 more weeks and second flower space will be shut down for couple weeks to get me back on monthly rotation and give me chance to drywall and add final layer of insulation to flower area.


Hey dude, beautiful ladies as always! Just read about 800ppm, should I be upping mine? Plants have been in buckets for 6 weeks, ppm is still under 200, as I’m scared of nute burning them again.


slowly raising ppm is always best approach I raise mine by 100 or so a week until around week 6 of flower then start to lower it to get plants to start flushing without too much shock. Really if your plants are liking a lower ppm you simply do what you can to keep them happy there isn’t a set ppm you need to be at for every strain my GC loves the high ppm my Blueberry hates it. I could’ve pushed my GC to close to 2000 easily enough. One thing I love about hydro you can change ppm very fast to keep ladies happyif it’s too strong just water it down with ph’d water too weak add nutrients :slight_smile:


What’s your cloning technique @Donaldj?



KISS Keep It Simple Simon lmao I select cuttings clip and throw into cold water trim each cutting then cut at diagonal right below a shaved node dip in rooting powder then stuff into Rapid rooter pushing until it’s almost at bottom. Place in tray once tray has all cuttings in it I add 1/4" water ph’d around 5.7 then place on dome vents closed whole tray is placed on heating mat though I no longer need one until fall :wink: under 2 21w 4-5" from tops lights on 24/0 and forget about them for 4-5 days at that point I check to make sure they still have moisture and open vents 1/4 way each day following. I don’t mist I just let moisture in dome do the work by about day 8 I peak to see if any roots are showing add just enough water for bottoms to touch and leave them with vents open.
Biggest things are temps I find is I want them to search for water so avoiding misting and keep them warm in 70’s and don’t need to mist or check since I know going to be 5 or more days before they have any roots and every time you check you let out humidity and warmth :slight_smile: Too much moisture and you can get mildew too little they wilt I may go back to bubble cloner in future but for now they work perfect I take cuttings in advance of free space by about 2-3 weeks gives time to ensure healthy roots which reminds me going to put them in net cups today with lecca to grow into :wink:


@Donaldj I want to congratulate you on your new spot that ILGM cannot think of a better person for the position my friend congratulations hope you did not get into much trouble last night LOL