Purpose Built shed 2017


Well put in 9 hours at work and still managed to pick up 3 yards of compost and create more work for myself temps hit 13c on a roof in the sun feels warmer. My ladies also hit higher temps today of 80f redirected exhaust with damper to vent outside suspect I am going to have to add cold air intake during summer may even have to use my AC unit ;(


Swapping back trucks tomorrow after seeing the compost I suspect won’t need to add much if any peat depends on cost in the end?
Also res change day tomorrow on flower unit dialling back ppm for final weeks hopefully my Blueberry lets me finish it’s flush she hasn’t been all that thirsty and may yet get some blue in her buds? but doubtful I did my part for 4:20 handed out joint sized buds with a paper and Bovida packet for co-workers boss included lmao smart arse said what? you didn’t roll it for me
My veg unit is about ready for flower space need to make a screen for it that can be attached to lid my more natural less kola minimal trained plants though nice are not as substantial yield wise suspect I could’ve bumped their ppm more earlier sat around 900-1000 most of the time


The smaller plant is PK which is simply in unit to get head start since it’s from seed and will need to mature some cuttings which will grow about as fast. I will cull bottom left plant if it doesn’t pick up in next week only want 4 plants in unit so will be a survival of fittest, judging from trichs both ladies in my scrog are about the same point milking up with no amber as of yet so have week or 2 to flush still lightly feeding them with sweeteners and ppm around 4-500 but will be just sweeteners from here on want them to cannabalize fan leafs before done


Well worked till roughly 3 then hit garden centre got home around 5 relaxed for an hour or so then fumbled my new wheel barrow together and spread compost for couple hours and here it is 9:30 and just getting inside now because I ran out of light. Still need to do res change thought can do it in the morning then turn soil for few hours in garden and attack shed dismantling going to start from the top down being a roofer no aversion to heights and easier to tear roof off then start walls less to fall on me and improved light with no ceiling or roof :wink: also that wood is rotten and can go straight to burn pile


Stayed up and did res change on flower unit lastnight buds are hardening up nicely in it seeing the potential on the strains come out next rotation will be better knowing that I can feed them heavier and have better roots right off the start also addition of screen will factor. This should be the last high ppm res change for them, I watered my ladies in scrog gave them sweetener and a final kick of monster bloom ppm 450 so they are still flushing just wanted PK boost to help buds harden and ripen no N in mix feel yesterday’s work not pain but sore and stiff will work those kinks out today :slight_smile: Need to turn ground atleast once by hand before tiller will work on it so pick axe and shovel for my exercise drill followed closely by crowbar and hammer then another res change Veg unit


Oops first photo had my plates in it


So it was insulated which came as a surprise to me wood shavings had no ceiling so may as well not have been managed to strip roof to bones moved most of the tear off to burn pile some of the lumber can be salvaged mostly the inside walls since siding and roof deck is full of splits. Turned over half the garden plot will turn over other half of garden tomorrow if weather is decent then get back to dismantling more of old shed


Hahaha can’t have that now can we?


I try not to share pictures which are dead give away to who I am and where I live just on the off chance one of our members is a neighbour lmao
Damn snow again? makes me glad I took roof off first no water running down at me if I decide to work anyway and would’ve been too slippery to take apart today and radar looks like it will be stopping in a couple hours?also means I can likely start my burning with little risk of it getting away on me :slight_smile: and lots to burn already


Well I continued with the tear down today lit burn pile burnt everything I tore off yesterday plus most of the rafters all the shelves so about 1/3 the way to it being gone. Peaked in on ladies they all seem happy didn’t get much done on garden was tending fire pretty much all day trying to dismantle it as I can get rid of the garbage from it


Sore tired and first day of work week I think same thing all summer winter is coming :wink: and it gets me through the day no sunrise to watch it’s cloudy :frowning: fortunately just setting up on a roof today which means several loads of gravel to shovel and materials to pack plus gaurd rails to install then finished for the day


Just updating about a week left on bb in scrog

Veg unit is booming

And my dwc flower unit is about 2 weeks behind

Way frostier than my soil plants in scrog buds are bigger too I do prefer hydro but soil is old reliable and I don’t like to get rusty can’t say you know soil too if you don’t grow in it time to time


Look’s like a lot of trees there Sir and they look very good​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::evergreen_tree:


going to be another long day today but far less physical than yesterday’s 4 loads of gravel was :slight_smile: goal is to cover 1500sqft since will have crane for materials and cutter for tear off we’ll likely have that covered and be working on second layer by end of day or be stupid and cover more? Though hard to say after we shovelled 12 yards of gravel yesterday I’m betting I’m not only one that feels sore and tired lmao. I also plan on coming home with another 4 yards of compost end of the day if I still have energy in the tank for it?


you’re a busy man @Donaldj,take it easy brother! rome was not built in a day!


My cuttings are already starting to root 7 days like clock work they will be good to transplant in another 3-4 days judging by the state of my BB in screen they should be ready this weekend


My BB and GC coming along nicely will be harvesting the BB this weekend

My cuttings 5/8 have visible roots now so will be ready ahead of when I planned to move them

My PK strain B and mothers all growing at a leisurely pace

What remains of my old shed is now basically a pile of lumber destined for back yard burn pile truck and trailer cut off my back gate so didn’t move it today but will be easy enough to deal with through week. I know my hands are dirty it’s the result of working with Tar and gravel they look black most of the summer


looking good @Donaldj, frosty buds,thriving clones, and getting things done! HERCULES!


Well the funnest part of shed removal was the realisation it was the original house on the property insulated floors and walls a patch in the roof where the old chimney was mail slot on the door old single pane windows traces of wall paper :wink: Now it’s simply a wall holding a lean to shed for a few weeks and a hole in the ground destined to be parking space still need to drag it all to burn pile but the hard part is done in my books. Looking forward to harvest this weekend and my Green Crack is only maybe a week behind but I don’t mind letting veg unit run the extra time just makes for extra roots I think with screen on my next DWC flowering I should get some excellent buds also will be on my monthly rotation soon making things easier as temps raise outside when I had roof off shed I had the thought cross my mind of growing out doors by walling in lmao but with my weather too early and smell would still travel :wink:


So tired was a long day weather had us on our toes and after about 10 hours was just hoping it was over only to have to go to dump on my way home but 11 hours is a good day add in drive time it was a 12hr day. I am looking forward to weekend and harvesting have the option of selective harvest since my GC is another week or more from finished I will take best buds off BB and leave some smaller ones to finish up