Purpose Built shed 2017


I don’t expect too much blue in my buds with just over 2 weeks left the strain doesn’t seem to have that strong pheno just based on the cool temps I run I would see far more blue by now. The fact they are showing this much tells me I have them pretty much dialled in the Green Crack they are in screen with are fattening nicely with no colours to note besides yellow will see if I can get the blue to come out in my strain B using same diet but temps will be higher by the time the strain b is clone ready. Also have PK and Crown Royal in the wings both have good colours and quite familiar with PK so will see of I can get them almost black :wink: My uncle keeps asking me for more PK sold him 10oz he was out in about 2 weeks all his buddies loved it but I like variety so he will have to wait


Ya I think my pk that is growing right now is on its way to be a black plant when it is done. This is the darkest plant so far and it has just finished pre-flower. This one is weird. As soon as it was put under the leds it started to go purple. And the pH is 6.4 which is good and I’ve been giving it enough nutes. Just keeps on getting darker as the days go by. Also I’ve got some of those overgrow Canada seeds on the way (when I say some I mean 100 are coming). Some freedome dream I believe is what their calling it. Their a regular cbd strain seed so I might try some cross breeding if I get a male outta them. Cross it with my pk. Will get some pics of the dark one tomorrow night some time when lights come back on.


Lol I like knowing plant genetics so for me free seeds are just trouble every strain in my space is similar 70-80% indica 8-10 week flowering times keeps heights close to even feeding’s same and times workable.
I planted 2 seeds in peat pellets ph’d to 5.8 after soaking until they were submerged they are sitting on top of my router which stays warm and should sprout in few days have roughly 2-3 weeks left before next harvest by then my PK will be almost clone ready if not have my GC and BB clone ready for sure. Since I will be starting new cycle I will have 1 flower space empty for 3-4 weeks making for good drying space and getting me back to my monthly harvest goal will also have decided by then if screen will be permanent fixture in flower or not? if so will be running 4 plants per unit 2 strains each unit meaning will have 4-5 strains at same time going and be able to figure out which strain I don’t want around


I got some good news.

A new growing friend called me to see if I could get rid of aphids.

I went to his grow and found he had branches too close to the grow medium and found the aphids nesting there and in the grow medium under this branch. I trimmmed the lower branches and sprayed and he is now after three days spraying aphid free. He will keep spraying untl all eggs hatch.

I have never seen leaf aphids living and breeding in the top of the grow medium like this. I am a noob so it is probably just new to me.

He is a dwc with a small pots with pearlite and clay balls as a grow medium and the bugs were in the clay balls.

Has anyone had the problem befor???


Very cool that it worked with all organic spray.


I also need to learn how to scrog like you Donald. It looks very cool.
It looks like a small sea of green and they all look healthy.

Looks great.


kFinished the trailer roof and managed to get a little yard work started burnt 1/4 of my back yard to get the grass started and started straightening a 1 1/2" ABS pipe which I will be using to bury my hose and power lines to my shed. Have to put up my security cameras if the weather is decent tomorrow remove the poly from my deck finish cleaning my old shed out so I can start taking it down or if weather is good roof my shed? Lots to do and only so much time in the day to do it lmao
very obvious which strain is which in screen the Blueberry is just starting to get milky trichs so flush was started just in time I think next round will use my light mover


Watching Radar closely want to roof my shed today and so far rain is only hitting other side of town but I know would need little over an hour and also have to enclose gables remove tarp adding more time so looking for a hole.
A little rain isn’t going to stop me from digging trench for my abs pipe and pulling through some lines :wink: or cleaning up old shed so I can start to dismantle the inside not too much stored in it now
Well it looks like will be raining for awhile my Uncle is popping by today so some chores can wait I guess


Hey Donald.

Took me hours and hours to read all of this… lol.

I just wanted to offer my warmest thanks for this thread. Very nice grows and even better, a very good educational experience for me.

Spent half the day yesterday trying to read all this and the other half planning out a 14 x 24 shed. Lol.

Happy growing,


I am glad to here someone got inspired by the thread I know it’s cluttered and not always technical but very few threads ever are spotless and it’s written for my amusement too :wink: Either way feel free to pick my brain as you go I don’t always answer fast but I usually do answer you may want to look into your local laws on construction many places set size limit before permits are required and you wouldn’t want to draw attention


1/2 Crown Royal seeds have sprouted from the pellets at around 2 days since soaked and planted to see one break the surface so fast is promising and bodes well for the strains genetics in my books. I did cheat mind you and soaked pellets in a solution of 1ml grozyme and 2ml Aussie tonic per Gal the zyme to help soften shell and the tonic to aide in root development neither would fit levels of a feeding by any standards but both add hormones :wink: so cheating by text book definition. Just hope they won’t bite me in the arse in a few days? when roots start to branch
Was snowing just turned into rain so fairly safe bet I am off today meaning those chores I didn’t get to yesterday will still have chance but also need to collect on the trailer job today put some money in the bank some other tasks in town. Just did my morning check up a little bending was in order for my Veg unit that is due for a Res change and will be going into flower shortly 2-3 weeks that also means some cloning is on my to do list today like to have nice rooted clones in advance so I don’t lose days


Lol. Thanks. Extremely new to growing weeds.

I have just under 14 acres. Hell not even sure they pulled a permit to build the house i live in.

It’ll probably be late summer or fall before i build a big shed.

I have an ILGM Big Bud going right now… and a cousin is supposed to bring me some bag seed to play with. Not sure of the strain but guessing some skunk variety from the smell when he smokes. Lmao

Happy growing


Take your time in planning it and budget because if done right it will be less power use easy temp and humidity control and many things are easier to do right first time I am still kicking myself for not insulating floor joists when I started. would’ve been so simple to plywood the bottom then stuff the insulation in before sheeting the floor but live and learn and if built tight to the ground not an issue but mine is on skids :wink: Just means I will need to skirt in the bottom for winter


Waited most of the day collected my money for last side job then came home as snow died off and roofed my shed not the prettiest but will keep things dry. Still debating rain catching off of it so will dress it up when I get around to that needs flashing over door, soffets painting lines buried and likely a overhang for storing my snow blower boat motor gas mower the like.
So many things to do this summer need to remove deck dig up foundation to repair it take extra side jobs to pay for renovations dig out stump tear down old garage/shed till new garden space adding compost to my almost entirely sand yard with peat tilling screening then covering to let cook for this summer would be too rich to grow in this year
Also need to draw up addition for next year Dig to find water table oh yeah can’t forget my day job and grow room lmao


8 cuttings and 1 plant fed fun way to kill an hour my Crown Royal is loving life under the canopy cover in my veg space will see how my new cloning space works? Reason I am taking cuttings earlier than needed my Blueberry is ripening fast it’s about 40% milky almost no amber yet want atleast another week of flushing


Piece of cake @Donaldj what are you gonna do the other 23 hours in the day?


If I am off work today will be digging to bury my lines making a dump trip and picking up a tonne of compost with Dump trailer so I can get started making new garden in the yard. Also need to take cuttings from my lilac to star a few more in the yard for privacy


:unamused: yet another reason why I like the shed the pictures are of my lamp cord and cielling all rewired and running again hose and powerlines are all in a pipe and buried and aside from some char and a $30 cord was painless


good catch…it was a lucky day to not work outside home!

and great building fore thought, up and running!


I am actually pretty surprised the wire managed to short they are pretty heavy duty? was a fun chore pulling the 2 3/12 wires and garden hose through 60’ of 1 1/4" ABS water line was actually easier digging the hole lmao It definitely will do the trick though hides all the lines and 1/4" thick walls not likely to crush them driving over them even if they weren’t buried but this adventure has me thinking fire suppression


Couldn’t get compost today go figure Wednesday is only day of the week they have no loader but for $15 a cubic metre loaded hard to go wrong and I can haul about 3-4 yards in trailer. If weather sucks tomorrow can get it then pick up few compressed peat bales and some bone and blood meal then rent a tiller over weekend to work everything in. Shed dismantle is next on the list only have a few tools left in it nothing which needs to stay dry