Purpose Built shed 2017


I hear you on this one. I have now started to work with a medical mj group and the restriction and paper work and the cameras in all rooms so you don’t steal product from the tax man. Then the inspections.

One state inspector was a homside investgator and now he regulates the mj grower. What a mess. The state is pushing for more growing but growers have product in storage that has no buyers.

I feel sorry for the growers as they are the heros of this great industry.

Thanks floridason for giving me the op to vent what I learned at the last mj growers meeting.

Legal growing may not be the best way until the regs repect the grower.


By conventional I mean I start with known science of hydro tried tested proven to work than I tweak with dosing temp and additives. It is always important to understand the foundation of any method of growing and to know you strain (the control) before tweaking with things [quote=“realdream, post:281, topic:9324”]
It looks like I had a very bad misconception about growers. I thought most growers lean toward non convetion. Like you building the shed and your growing racks.

Me building my shed is conventional thought what does every indoor grower want an environment where they have complete control of temps humidity and light schedule. We all work with what we have a tent a room a green house or even outside, I have no extra room the shed I had was rotting and falling apart so I worked within my skill set and conventional home design in northern climate. Being that many rent or live in apartments a shed or reno is not an option and grow racks are almost always custom to suit the size and space likewise the growing method I apply suits my skill set and life. Ease of use compost teas have been used for decades centuries most likely by farmers of every crop so what you describe is not a new system just a different application of an old one which went out of favour due to the ease of which nutrients can now be purchased :wink: Likewise using gravity to add air was done in the first water gardens ponds and the basis for most modern hydro developement. I’m not knocking what you are doing but also not going to say you have done something profoundly ground breaking for the science of growing that will change everything. It’s awesome that it works for you but I don’t plan on running out and buying piles of old manure when I can get a nice clean bottle off a shelf :slight_smile:


I can’t thank you enough for this info. I now understand the growers culture better. Thanks.

So, what I may need to do to help others with what I have done is to work with other growers and test and prove what I have done. Then in order to help others with this I need to create a product for sale so it is on the shelf to be used.

I am not sure how to go about creating a sellable product for the growers but I will look into it. If it proves out to work I may need to work with this site to sell it.

Thanks for all


You shouldn’t take it personal you asked me several times for my opinion and if you were doing something new? I answered honestly and politely eventhough it was starting to remind me of a product pitch I don’t consider myself part of a culture I grow because I love doing it and it’s a challenge like many others. Many of our members come from all walks of life from poor to rich and with many different motives as to why we grow being yourself sharing your grows is our common interest along with helping others find the passion we have for growing.
I don’t push products or that my way is the best or only way to grow I understand that what works for one person doesn’t work for all different strains like different ph more or less feedings some don’t like to be grown in hydro even. What I share is my life and love of the grow the joy it brings my life things that work for me. I am thrilled your system works and it were bottled and on shelves after seeing and reading good results I would ponder it as a second generation grower I am always looking for the next thing to one up my Dad lmao.
I share because I like to




I could not take anything you say personally. You have been fair and I enjoy what you are doing. I can see why you might think I am pushing a product but I am not. Everything I have shared is true. You have helped me to learn more about where I am at, with this solution as has Will Garrigan on auto flower thread. I am here to learn all I can about the mj world as I am new to it and know very few growers.

I am here to show that all organic pest free can be done and hope to help others with what ever I can as a lucky noob.

I really do not have any idea if what I have done has been done befor. I am now starting to see why growers like you love to grow. I have gotten the bug now. So I hear what you are saying.

I hope I have not offended you in any way. You have never offended me in any way. I would never ask you or anyone on this site to promote a product. That would be wrong unless I set up as an addvertizer. That, if ever is a long way off.

Learn and share is great.

Thanks for all


Given second to last feed tonight no Base nutrients just sweetener and boosters next feed will be full base nutrients and sweetener from there on will be just sweetener for next 2-3 weeks

my strain B and pk are coming along


Good looking grow , nice and green no yellowing. Once mine began to yellow 3 months ago it seems normal to me.


Love your Scrog pal!


lol only on start of week 6 they will start to yellow as I cut off feeding I also pull off any yellow leaves which show under canopy they are an 8-10 week strain one plant will be ready around 8-9 the other 9-10 I want to see yellowing before they are done means they are nicely flushed


Amen to trimming, have to do that every time I look at them:laughing:Cant keep my hands or scissors off them


Amber hairs starting to form on my Blueberry which is my clue that they are about ready for me to stop feeding to get a good flush in soil you should stop feeding while they are still consuming heavy amounts of water imo. The PK booster I added last watering should help them finish fattening up and ripening over next couple of weeks with the long weekend coming up I should be able to finish the trailer roof and still have some time to do few other chores like shorten my light mover for next round in flower will turn it into 3’ which is enough to keep angles variable without having it moving too far which won’t increase foot print much but will even intensity over canopy some


Lol now they are just starting to get some yellowing just about right on schedule tricky part is 2 strains in screen one which is 8-9 week the other 9-10 hope is one will be mostly milky when the other is mid amber


2 different angles of my scrog just to give better idea of the buds forming and the natural yellowing as they ripen the phenos are starting to come out on the Blueberry some leaves are darkening getting bluish tint

And my DWC unit in flower which is week behind no screen just large single to triple kola ladies

some Happy mothers and my PK and Strain B mothers to be bent down the strain B to encourage some branches took awhile to get the cutting to fully revert now it has looking forward to getting her large enough to get some clones off her :slight_smile:


Well I got up early hoping the weather forecast was going to be wrong so I could get further along on the trailer roof this morning looks like it will be raining until later in the afternoon. So will be on plan B for the morning a little shopping see if I can get tires for my truck some shoes for work and some soil perilite since I am currently out of both?


Made it through most of the tricky work on the trailer should be able to wrap it up in another day would’ve got further but got rained out and had to hit store. Did res change on my DWC flower unit and watered my SCROG which is now on strictly sweeteners and water until finished


Well it snowed for about 3hr’s this morning by about 10 it was raining so put a damper on me roofing I in turn did my shopping I had put off soil perilite more ph down. Of course I couldn’t go to hydro shop without an impulse buy so picked up some seeds Crown Royal a PK blueberry X should be fun decent yield but fairly sensitive strain fussy so a good challenge :slight_smile: If you haven’t figured it out I like to play with my grows
Turned my old compressor into a pony tank for my new one and fixed the compressor head which had warped and was leaking so not building pressure past 60psi one of the head bolts was loose easy fix so now I have a spare


Just mixed up some soil 40l coco compost mix 10l perolite
Checked on ladies


Sorry was using my phone for pictures :blush: anyway note the pheno coming out the bluish tint to leaves and yes the yellowing is normal these ladies are hungry and starting flush I likely could’ve fed them far more than I did last 2 weeks


Lookin nice buddy. My solo flower in one is turning nice an purple everywhere. As soon as I had put it under the led it started turning colour.