Purpose Built shed 2017

Did a partial cleanup of shed today but still looks like a warzone and need to restock my soil or start up a hydro unit still haven’t chosen yet, almost leaning towards hydro but know temps will drop on me and complicate things also debating doing away with perpetual grow to fit within damn 4 plant law :wink:


Wow didn’t realize it was only 4 there. Michigan has a 12 plant law.

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@SidWilson bumped you to member so you have more privillages feel free to ask anyone anything we are all here to help each other and learn. @Covertgrower Sid is a friend of mine I encouraged to check out site :wink: just bumped my post to get my attention will be starting new thread when I get everything back on track but usually easy to catch my attention on my own threads lmao


Not even half the headaches I am supposed to have receipts from gov approved seed vendor too but will just play dumb if they badger me. Legal only if I buy from them kinda bs


I got you no worries.
Really, government approved vender for seeds is the “legal way” that’s nuts.


Good to see you around!


Wow!!! I am humbled by your abilities. I have a pre existing 12x16 that I am converting. Mine will be nothing compared to yours. I have a lot more reading to do to catch up on your project. But I have so many questions to ask as I am currently in the running electrical and insulation stage. I ran power from the main yesterday and set a breaker box in the room I have all the boxes set and have ran the romex to half of them already. I also utilized that Mylar covers styrofoam to reflect the summer heat on the ceiling and the 3 walls that receive direct sunlight I made sue to keep the minimal air gap. After the electric is ran I will use r 11 insulation on the styrofoam walls and r 13 on the other walls. I will use r 11 on the vaulted 4 ft edges of the ceiling and r 30 in the center 4 ft. Once complete I will completely wrap the room in plastic.

My question is I read about you insulting the floor. Did you insulate directly over the floor or did you frame and insulate that way. Also should I put plastic on the floor as well and can I add padding if I’m planning on using 12 ft wide vinyl flooring? I’m just waiting to make it as comfortable as possible but I am no carpenter by no means. I will be going back to where I left off to catch up.

Much respect

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@Tistik unfortunately Donaldj hasn’t logged on in over 2 years.

Cuts yard with chainsaw!!! My kind of people lol. Sorry I’m still trying to catch up. Your workmanship is next to none and I have absolutely none lol. Luckily I have a couple trusted friends that have a background in some of this so I tend to lean on them as I’m old and decrepit.

I’m sorry I have just found this and this is amazing!!! I promise I won’t leave any more comments or likes but I can’t stop reading. Thank you for letting me know @Covertgrower can I ask if you might know anyone on here that would be knowledgeable in the building of outdoor grow rooms I’m really looking for advice on what to do on my floor. I am going to try to tag my

I have been trying to utilize this to get advice and information as to do this correctly the first time. But I really need to keep the smell down outside of the room to maybe where the neighbors think I’m just burning a fatty in the evening. I have a ton of ideas but I am new to the online thing and I am struggling to learn proper etiquette and I had overtaken @pptrsha1 thread and for that I am truly sorry I never meant to do that but I see how I was an a-hole because I had right. I’m truly enveious of your horticulture gift and I enjoy seeing how everyone helps out or fellow mankind but I must learn when to shut my mouth… like now

Thank you @Covertgrower


It’s really no issue, I was just informing you the original poster wouldn’t be responding. Feel free to make a new thread, and we can tag some growers for any questions you might have about outdoor growing. That’s what this forum is about.
@Tistik we will take care of you as a community.


@Tistik @divchem is in texas. post on your journal and ask for his help. he got me through some rough times. you are not an A hole. you just didnt know. you really want your own journal just so you can find all the things that you post and check on things you forgot. i promise if you leave your pics on someone elses page you will forget where they are and be sad when you cant find them.


@pptrsha1 thank you. I understand what you are saying but I’m a little slow with technology lol. Thank you for the advice. I will tag him into my post. I still read yours and you are doing some awesome… your posts always make me smile and chuckle a little especially when it came to you grandson. I hope you are doing well and thanks again for reaching out to me.


Thanks for the interest in post I was consumed by day to day life and burnt out so had to step away from forum oddly the direct replies due email me still and can get my attention when I look at emails lmao


@Covertgrower I haven’t had the time for all the extra work so much to do around home and work but do still poke head into my emails hahaha


Hey it you the man the myth the legend!!! Glad you are well. I have been glued to this post and I believe that I’m 400 away from reading it in it’s entirety.

My hats off to you sir!!

Happy see you’re doing alright @Donaldj hope you don’t mind hanging around for awhile, you’re missed on the forum!

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Look who the cat dragged in!

Good to see you around buddy, would love to catch up if you have any time to chat.

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Hey, good to see a familiar name!


@Donaldj whats up brother! Long time no talk. Glad to see you’re still around!