Purple veins, light colored leaves, and a sag

Hey again everyone. Having some odd issues with my leaves.

I am a little over a month in on these feminized Black Eyed Katy plants, they were just moved to 5 and 3 gallon fabric pots 5 days ago - the big one had roots showing all over the clear solo cup - but I had to wait for my HLG lights. They were started in foxfarm happy frog, but moved to fox farm ocean forest in the bigger pots. I just watered yesterday with foxfarm grow big mixed in - 3 teaspoons per gallon, one gallon each pot. Can’t find the large bags of happy frog for less than $45 on amazon and the place here is always sold out, but only charges $25!!

I’m indoors using a 4x4x8 tent, a 350 cfm terrabloom fan and filter, a 300L and 260 Rspec HLG lights (dimmed to about 60%), set just about 24” above the canopy. I have 2 small desk fans on the floor and 2 clip on 6” hurricane fans on the top bars aimed at the drivers. Floor Fans are aimed to give some breeze to plants and encourage a circular upward air flow. Temps range from about 73 at night to max 80 during the day (been about 75-77 last 2 days after switching up the floor fans). Humidity ranges 45- 55%. Getting a larger cfm fan to circulate more cool air. Thermometer is sitting in the pot next to the canopy (under the light with a little wind flow hitting it). Not sure if that’s the best spot!!

The smaller one has been smaller from the start, they broke the seed shell and breached the soil on the same day and I’ve done everything the same, except give the bigger one more water - it perks up when I water it, the smaller one seems to sag. I left it unwatered till it peeled back up and then slowly started watering again.

Getting a PH meter tomorrow to test runoff next watering.

The leaf veins actually look like they are turning purple, and there are a few brown spots on the right side of the larger plant as well as the lower leaves of the smaller one - which also seems to be clawing in and sagging.

Any advice is always appreciated! Thanks!!!

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no leaves on the soil. id get rid of the dead/ dieing leaves.
let the pots dry out before watering again.

Also back off the nutes. When starting i go with 1/4 dose and increase by there.

After transplants your ladies will usually droop a little from shock. FFOF is very hot so you shouldnt need nutes for a few weeks after transplant.

For the next few waters i would just do plain ph and see how she reacts. I bet she will bounce right back in a few days.

Lastly ive always beem told to avoid clear cups when growing. The light is bad for the roots or something rather.


Thanks - trimmed off the bad ones from the big one already, about to get the ones from the smaller lady. Preciate the nutes advice, I was worried I had a deficiency, magnesium was my guess from other pics online, but didn’t want to add anything without advice…

Yea I read roots grow in the dark, after getting them in the clear cups - thought it’d give me a better indication of when to transplant, learning slowly…

I’ll get’em trimmed up and measure the pH when I next water - without the extra nutes…


Looks over watered and locked out. Def get the ph and ppm numbers ASAP


Gotcha - def gonna give it a few days to dry out - my thinking that they needed nutes badly is why I risked the watering again a few days after transplant.

What do you mean by locked out - sorry - beginner lol - like they aren’t absorbing all the nutes? Possibly an over abundance of one nute is blocking the receptors for another?

I checked some strain pics, and the leaves do get some purple, but on the leaves and not in the leaf veins…

My first grow, so I only cracked 2 of the 5 seeds I have - have another try if this goes south I guess - which I hope it does not!

I’ll post pH info as soon as I get it. Thanks for the support!!!

All I could get was a soil pH reader - the larger plant is at 6.4 and the smaller one at 6.7. Seems like the right range…?? Is there another pH reader I need to get to get the ppm details?

Like the green ones where you stick the probe into the soil? If that’s the case they are famously inaccurate. You want to test the runoff water coming out of the pot after a watering . Most ppm meters on amazon will do just fine. A good ph pen is a must . I use the Apera 60 but blue lab makes a good one too. Just type ph meter in the search bar and you will see a bunch of post with recommendations

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Thank you! Yea, it’s a $15 rapitest digital ph meter. The larger plant looks better, leaves pointing up, and it appears to have gotten taller overnight… not sure if it just looks taller with the leaves perked up…

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A gallon each is way more water than necessary for plants that size. And as others mentioned, you shouldn’t need to add any nutes to fresh FFOF.

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Got the pH reader finally appear ph60. I wanted to see if I needed to use distilled water to test the soil pH? Plan to water till I get some run off and capture the run-off but don’t want to use a water that’ll skew the result. When I did a gallon each it was purified water - have a half gallon of spring water (bottled in Florida). Any suggestions on water type when intending to test pH? Have access to a Britt’s filter, but am iffy on that lol.

Take your tap water and let it sit open for 24 to 48 hours. You can use tap water with no issues. I used to use spring water and the ph of it was 8. I switches to tap water and ill never go back.

I actually looked up the pH of a few water brands and got a gallon of 6 and a gallon of 7.5, which should even out to 6.75 when mixed together, which I will pH test before watering - prob gonna shoot for 6.5, but may be hard to hit lol. Ordered some pH up and down, 10 days till arrive tho… hoping to water tomorrow, may be Friday. They’re looking better, a little nute burn from my last watering… Thanks!!!

You can use lemon juice to lower ph while you wait on your ph up and down. You probably wont use the ph up much. Most water doesnt need to have the ph raised.

Lets see some updated pictures.

Nice, natural solution - hoping my water mixing idea works…

Few brown spots and some nute burn on the bigger lady, new leaves don’t seem to have the purple problem as badly. I

trimmed the lowest leaves that were touching the soil/dying. I think the smaller one looks much better - the main stem is much thicker and it’s jumped a few inches in height. I trimmed off the 4 lowest leaves on the small one that we’re looking bad, left 2 that are still down curled and purple, it’s filling in a bit below the main leaves. Haven’t watered in a week - soil about 2” down feels cool and somewhat damp - finger checked away from the plants.

Looking good. Lets focus on that new growth now

Just noticed a red stem shoot off - thinking magnesium for sure now - the color combined with the red branch on the dying leaves… still gonna do the pH testing tmrw - getting the apera ph60 meter soaking overnight in the solution so it’s all ready to test the water before watering and runoff after! Thinking of getting some magnesium/ calcium supplements- sorry can’t remember the name mag/cal or something along those lines - will wait for opinions and advice after the pH readings are posted. Did discover I watered within with 5pH water last week… hoping the nutes I put in compensated some - still have a little nute burn on the edges. Red branch pic kinda hard to make out:

Waited 2 extra days to water to be sure soil very dry. They looked thirsty!

Results of pH testing.

Smaller lady - pH of water used - 6.48, test from over flow - 5.92.

Larger lady - pH of water used - 6.56, test from over flow - 5.26.

Guessing this means they aren’t absorbing magnesium?

Any advice, as always, is greatly appreciated!

You leaves look like they got too much nitrogen in the beginning.

I think they look fine and they should do fine. Just water as normal.

Gave them some leaf spray of cal/mag - they really picked up this morning - they were both looking terrible after watering - all leaves sagging some near the ground - new growth was getting the clawing… spread out and pointed up today!!!

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Growth is crazy after the cal/mag!! Little one really picked up the pace, topped her as well.