Purple Veins!? Advice please!

Morning fellow growers, hope the day finds u all well! Watered my plants last night before bed and noticed purple veins on the leaves. Mostly just the one leaf, however there seems to be a slight purple tinge developing on others. Was curious what causes this? Is this some type of deficiency or am I just being over paranoid?
~ unknown bag seed
~ soil medium (Potting mix, coir & perlite)
~ black plastic pots
~ outdoors (spring Australia, sunrise to sunset approx 12hrs :grimacing:) no artificial lights :pensive:
~ bottled spring water (store bought)

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Morning lady!

Usually It could be some stress factor or genetics. Growers would like to know some environmental data to answer you. For example if she is experimenting low temps at night.

the dark veins and purple stems says the start of a phosphorus deficiency.

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Also can be caused by your lights and completely normal.

Worst thing to do is try to fix a deficiency that’s not there.


and could also be genetics. just keep an eye on her

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what I also see are some burnt tips and some rust spots showing on other leaves. have you checked the ppms and pH of your run off. Again could be nothing, but alot a P and cal deficiency happen together. those two number will let you know if its nothing🤞 or if it could be locked out, or lack of. check those and get back to us. also what are you feeding her?

All of my plants have purple stems. I chalk it up to led lighting.

yeah I would to except for this statement

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I might have missed that, but I still wouldn’t concerned.

I’ll take all that info into consideration- being spring here it has been quite chilly some nights, but they been getting brought indoors at night. I’m currently in the market for a ph pen, just waiting for the finances to catch up - I haven’t been feeding them as of yet coz I thought they were still to young, however I did once give them a diluted mixture of (photo provided below)Perhaps that may of cause it - it was a very diluted mix and I only gave them the slightest drink of it

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@Axemanjake23 I see a small white dot on a leaf it could be mites :laughing:

@Airies11 some plants aren’t strong enough to get to the finish

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@PharmerBob Oh no better burn the tent down man.

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:cry: is she slowly dying…?