Purple trainwreck 6 weeks into flower

A question from a fellow grower:

I think the best one I have had the opportunity to grow is a purple trainwreck, have you ever had any experience with that strain. If so do you have any tips, she’s about 6 weeks into flower this is the most recent picture, any tips would be greatly appreciated thank you much, I look forward to hearing from you

Looks like a good grow from this pic. This blog is to help all us “rookies” become seasoned vets! There is a list of things we all start with, that makes it a little easier to understand what you are specifically looking for. I am sure MacGuyverstoner or latewood would be able to help you with the list. I am pretty much illiterate about computers!
Things we look for is what medium you growing in (Coco, peat, etc) Nutes used, light (if applicable), water (R/O, distilled).
These people are rock stars at getting your grow maxed ! Thanks Robert!

I usually start with peat moss, then move them to moisture control and ph depends on strai n I have some that are 7.0 and a few at 6.5 and 6.0 as well.and for the most part they are done outdoors I’m doing my first indoor strain.