Purple? Thrip Nymphs

I’m guessing that these are thrip nymphs, but I’ve not been able to find any descriptions of them being purple. This Durban Poison is in a grow bag in a metal pan. After a rain partially filled the pan I noticed these purple things coming out of the bottom side of the grow bag and forming life rafts. Added some neem to the pan, let it sit for few hours to kill everything, added more water to the pan to dilute and let that soak into the grow bag hoping that it would kill the rest. Just had a large rain storm early this morning, went out and the pan was filled with water and the nymphs were coming out again and forming their floating islands. Added neem and potassium salts to kill things again. Took a look at a few with a loupe and definitely look like thrip nymphs, but purple?
Should I try something else? Take the grow bag out of the pan and let the dirt dry out until the leaves start to slightly wilt? The plant is about 3-4 weeks into flower.

Never seen that before! @Lacewing ?


Can you get a better shot?

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I’ve never seen anything like that before …I doubt thrips because I don’t believe that they congregate like other pests such as aphids or mites …
However I’m just a backyard grower lol

Also thrip damage will be stippling on leaves
Have a pic of the entire plant ?
Can you try and get a shot of one of these nymphs through the loupe ?

Could be some type of aphid or mealy bug even grasshoppers can be purple and nymph stages

Just trying to throw anything out and maybe they look like these?

I will try my best to get a better magnified picture of the beasts.
Thanks for helping.

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No problem at all …I love trying to help others in any way I can

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I was able to pick out 2, they were still alive. 120x on a black background and the other at 60x on white paper.

Looks like larvae of something maybe? Definitely interested in what this is :joy:

I would also suggest not letting that grow bag sit in the pan. You don’t want that soil in the bag to remain sitting in it’s own runoff. Try to get some pot elevators to raise it a little.

Like these. You can see each plant is raised off the bottom of the pan. How that was helpful. Good luck😊

Thanks for mentioning the elevators. We are having 25 mph winds now and will wait until it dies down to unstrap everything so I can raise the bag. In the mean time I’m emptying the runoff from the pan as best I can.

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