Purple thai beauty from a buddy's hermie bag seed

Trying to determine when to call it done on the notoriously long flowering purple thai sativa. Going on week 13


If you have a Jeweler Loupe this will show you if it’s done or not based on the trichromes color. With a 60x, you can see the shape and color of the tri’s.

Yeah I need to order one. Found a cool pocket microscope on Amazon that will work perfect. The hairs are all orange and turned in. We’re also expecting some cold weather soon. That being said it’s a good problem to have. Thanks for the tip!

Please tell me you pollinated a branch!

Dude I couldn’t. I’m seriously hoping I can somehow reveg her to get a clone. Believe me I already thought of that, after I realized what it was.

Doh! Did you take a few cuttings from the bottom of the plant? No you didn’t right? Shit! Please tell me it’s in a pot and you don’t have to hack the roots up!

Yeah thankfully it is.

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Nice! Do you have a space and light to re veg her?

Yeah I do. It’s a small space compared to her current size, but I have to try. It will be a shame if not.

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Diggity dang! Those are some fat colas! Welcome to ILGM. :+1:

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She’s foxtailing like crazy. It’s got to be close to harvest.

I know right. It’s so close.

Definitely. More since I took that pic. I was just hoping she would build more trich on the small sugar leaves. But yeah within days

I’d say it’s there, and that’s without an examination of her female parts!

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I agree. Even using my phone earlier I could see some amber. It’s time

Have you split the stalk, or tried ice baths?

I split 2 others I had and they definitely reacted. I didn’t this one

You could always try. Give it another week.

I think I will. I’ve read this strain is known for giving energy and creativity. That those effects are brought out more if you let them stay longer. Besides it’s tough to give her the chop. Bitter sweet

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This is why I joined. To talk and share all the hard work and patience with cool, like minded people who get it. Thanks for the tips. I wish I could roll one for everyone on ilgm. I’ll post more pics after harvest.

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